Will Self-Driving Vehicles Result in Job Losses?

According to Sky News, the government have recently committed to a £8.1 million investment to finance trials of self-driving lorries across the UK roads, following news that they had been given the green light. This comes as no surprise to the UK, which already has vehicles on the roads which operate with semi-autonomous driving systems, from cruise control and lane departure warning to active park assist. But as the government funds further developments, we could see them on our roads sooner than we think.

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How to be More Productive When Working from Home

Everyone has a different idea of the ‘perfect’ working environment. Some prefer quiet, some like music. Some like a cold temperature, whilst others prefer a warmer room.

When you work from home, there are even more distractions than normal that stop you from getting your work done. Whether this be the children, the television, or just the food for your lunch you’ve been thinking of all morning, there are definite benefits to working in an office.

So how can you make your home workspace a nicer place to work in that will also make you more productive?

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Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing Works for Small Business

It is universally agreed that any organisation is only as good as the people who work within, and when sourcing key personnel, you need to be sure you are attracting the right calibre of person, and outsourcing your needs to an established recruitment agency is definitely the best solution. Here are just a few of the reasons why outsourcing your HR requirements is a good idea.

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Tips for Creating Best Atmosphere for Employees in the Office

When you’re in charge of running an office, you need to focus more on just the daily ins and outs of the business. You’ll want to spend some time really going over a lot of the various ways you can create the best possible environment for team building within your offices. What is the best part? It really doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might have thought in the past.

By utilizing the various tips found below, you will find that everyone in the office will have a much easier time communicating with one another. This benefit alone is well worth the time spent in getting everyone connected. You want them to not only feel like family but to begin to treat everyone else in the office like they are their own family. After all, many people find that they spend more time with their co-workers than they do with their own flesh and blood family.

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4 Qualities to Look for in Your Therapist Clinic Startup Team

Running a business is no easy task, but when that business deals with the treatment of people’s mental health and analysis of their behavior, it can be even trickier to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Along with the day-to-day business side of things, running a private clinic or practice is also concerned with individuals’ health and well-being, making it even more imperative that you ensure you have the right team working on your side. If you’re putting together a team for your clinic for the first time, then chances are that you already have some people in mind. But, before you start to invest in hiring, here are some top tips to help you put together a truly winning team.

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3 Small Business Areas Impacted by Regulatory Changes

It is vital that you keep up to date with any new regulations which take effect in your field of business, whether the focus is environmental, financial, or health and safety orientated. The consequences could be anything from a large scale environmental catastrophe all the way through to your organization being responsible for an onsite injury or death. However, even if the regulations in your industry are financial you’re by no means let off the hook as the consequences will be just as significant to those affected. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re up to speed with the industry relevant regulations, and understand that it’s ultimately your responsibility to follow them if you want to avoid the consequences.

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Hire the Right Salesperson with Online Assessment Testing

When you send out a call for job applications, you’re looking for more than someone to fill an open seat. Yet with such high employee turnover in industries like sales, it seems that scrambling to cover a position happens all too often. It’s important to keep in mind that the wrong hire may not only cost the company revenue of their part, but having an employee that can’t sell can hurt the morale of your team, and their chances for finding success.

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2 Financial Pitfalls You Must to Avoid to Succeed in Small Business

The world of business can be a sticky one to navigate. Not only is competition fierce in your battle for relevance, but there are many mistakes you can make in your struggle for establishing your firm. Not only should a business leader keep a solid eye on the things they can achieve, but they should also be watchful for threats which can subdue progress. In short, a great business leader carries both a solid offensive, but an impenetrable defensive.

Here are some tips to strengthening your financial fort when it comes to the territorial and battling world of business.

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5 Best Practices to Follow When Dealing with Overseas Clients

If you’re a small business trying to expand your brand, then you may be thinking of starting a global marketing strategy. With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to deal with clients from all over the world. However, there are still some cultural and language issues that you’ll need to consider when you’re trying to work with new clients and customers in different parts of the world.

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Drive Your Career with a Business from a Van

Has your current career route hit a roadblock? Are you tired of your typical 9-5 job and looking for a new career adventure? If you have your own van, then you’ll be excited to hear that there are so many types of businesses that you can get involved in to reinvigorate your working life…

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