3 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe in Physical and Digital World

While majority of small business owners spend considerable amount of time thinking about growing the business they do not worry as much about protecting the assets they already own. With the number of security breaches on the rise it is very important to plan to secure the business in both physical and digital worlds. Ignoring to do it can not only harm your business directly with theft, but also lead to lawsuits from employees and vendors. Below we provide 3 tips that will help you secure your business.

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Lack of Protection can Get Small Businesses in Hot Water

Starting your own business is always risky, at the same time it is exciting. Despite the amount of competition out there in seemingly every market, adventurous entrepreneurs are willing to take the risks and try to reap the potentially vast rewards. This is admirable, however where a number of startup companies go wrong is they fail to make sure their businesses are adequately covered against unexpected risks that could have devastating effects. In fact, a worrying amount of new businesses owners still assume they’re simply covered under their standard home insurance policies. That is simply not true. Here’s what you need to know about business insurance.

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Choose the Right Landlord Insurance When Renting Property

Rental Home
Real estate landlord can be a lucrative business. All you have to do is buy a property and rent it out for regular monthly payments. While this is true, you can get in the hot water if you are not careful about getting proper insurance. Not having adequate insurance, or even the right type, can have significant financial impact, both personally and in the business. Nowhere is this truer than in London where the huge variety of properties, people and price variance all contribute towards the number of different insurance policies available to landlords.

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The Impact of Changes in Care Act on Care Home Managers

Care Act
The Care Act (2008) has undergone over 100 changes that will come into force from April 2015. This is a significant piece of legislation as it represents England’s biggest change to social care for over 60 years. These amendments are intended to make care more personal and will leave directors needing to make adjustments.

But exactly what changes are required? How will they be implemented? And how will they affect your staff and the running of your care home?

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Workplace Injuries from Forklifts and How to Prevent Them

Most employers and employees recognize that forklifts can be a dangerous piece of machinery, but they also underestimate their safety profile. Once training has been completed, it is assumed that the risk of injury drops substantially. In reality, these machines are inherently dangerous. Here are just some of the ways in which accidents that can occur while an employee is using them, and tips to keep your workers safe.

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Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage for Small Business

If you’re a business owner then you will be intimately familiar with the minefield that is business insurance. With so many different types of coverage available, it can be difficult to figure out what is the right option for your business. However it is vital that you are covered for anything that may go wrong with your staff or your customers. So here is a guide to the different types of insurance available and what you ought to be looking for.

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Safety First! How to Safeguard Your Building against Fire

Fire Safety
Fire safety is usually not on top of mind for many business owners. After all, they have business to run and fire safety does not help them improve their sales or customer service. Most business owners probably include fire safety equipments as part of building construction and pretty much forget about it as they go about running their daily business. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your business first, however it should not be done at the expense of safety of your employees and yourself. There is a good reason why fire safety is taught to us from a very young age.

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9 Tips for Protecting Your Business from Outrageous Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury attorneys and legal referral lines advertise everywhere from benches at bus stops to the radio, television, newspaper and Internet. Apparently there’s big money in getting injured! Although some personal injury claims are legitimate and their subsequent lawsuits justified, others are simply born out of greed. Why? Unfortunately, for too many people, the thought of earning an easy buck by suing someone for an injury that may or may not exist is more attractive than actually working to earn that dollar.

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How to Reduce Startup Expenses when Launching a Business

Most people who are launching a business underestimate the time, money and effort required in the initial stage. They end up spending more time and money than they had initially planned. While they are working hard to put everything in order to start the business on-time; the bills continue to pile up and it comes as a shock when they examine the total expense incurred before the money has even started coming in. This is just one of several reasons why an early investment in a good professional tax and accounting software platform is crucial.
There are good reasons to reduce your start-up cost. The less money you spend before you open your business, the more money you will have for advertising and promotion; which is crucial in the early stage. Besides, it will allow you to set more money aside for working capital; which is particularly important for first few months.
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