Services That Can Help You Land Your Dream Job After Being Laid Off

Let’s face it: it’s not something fun, but the reality of working life these days is that no matter how good you are at your job or how hard you work, there can come times when you’re let go by your employer. Industries can evolve and companies fail to catch up; finances can be inappropriately juggled; new management can decide to radically change company structure; and many other situations can occur that mean people are laid off in droves.

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Solid Tips to Obtain a Law Training Contract

Training Contracts and pupillages are like winning a lottery for those who are chasing a career in law. They are a huge step on the way to becoming a qualified solicitor.

The training acquired over the first 2 years helps put you in a working context and use the skills you have learned over the course of the program. You get to learn about various different practices and departments including contentious and non-contentious practice areas which are a key part of working life as a solicitor.

If you have a training contract in place, you can pass a PSC, otherwise known as a professional skills course. To gain this you need to have valuable experience within financial and business skills, communication skills and also client care.

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd in Job Interview

Crowd Standout
It is difficult to differentiate yourself from hundred other candidates when applying for a job. Even if you manage to get an interview you only have 30 minutes to make a lasting impression on the prospective employers. Not only do you have to come prepared, but you also need to make sure you use those 30 minutes wisely to showcase your talent, experience and knowledge to get that ultimate call for job offer. So how can you stand out from the crowd of hundred job applicants and secure your place with the employer. Here are four tips to help you.

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