Infographic: Why Corporate Culture Matters

Organizational Culture in word collage

Organizational Culture in word collage

Culture is such a soft term that many executives forget to pay attention to it. Instead they focus on financials, products, sales, marketing and other more “tangible” aspects of running the business. This could be a big mistake. Culture is a more important factor in a company’s success than you might think. It affects everything from product branding, to the hiring process and employee productivity, and everything in between. It should be introduced as a required MBA class due to the impact it can have on the success of business. As you work toward your online MBA degree and think about your next employment opportunity, consider corporate culture first. Look at the Infographic below to understand the impact culture have on the business:

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7 Essential Teamwork Strategies for Small Business Success

“Teamwork is an individual skill.” – Avery, 2001

When team is effective, emotions of enjoyment overwhelm us leading to everyone in the team feeling satisfied. As productiveness increases, trust grows stronger and satisfaction enhances success and efficiency. The result is a productive team which easily reaches goals.

The question is how productive can teamwork be in a business setting? The answer can be quite simple: since we are egoistic beings and find content in success, if we commit ourselves to our team to that extent to be egoistic about it, our actions will be oriented toward the team succeeding.

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How a Motivational Speaker Can Help You Retain Top Talent

Motivational speaker
In today’s competitive business environment, recruiting the most talented employees is hard enough. Holding on to them is even harder. As time passes, employees may naturally begin to lose morale and energy. Productivity drops and so do profits. But you can change all that by planning regular seminars with motivational speakers.

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5 Management Mistakes that Kill Employee Motivation

The topic of how to boost employee motivation is one that has been covered exhaustively in many a blog post. However, what you may not realize is that it’s just as important to take steps to protect existing employee motivation.
Employee Motivation
When you go back to school online to earn your BS in Organizational Management, you’ll learn that many employees are already quite motivated. In fact, most employees are excited about their careers and come into their jobs brimming with the desire to do their best work. What these employees need most is to avoid being de-motivated by poor management practices, like the ones below.

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5 Must Have Project Management Skills for Every Business Leader

5 must have project management skills
Project management is a must have skill for small business owners as well as managers and executives of large companies. Anyone can dream up new projects without much effort. Only those who can execute those projects stand to succeed in their endeavor. History is rife with examples of projects, large and small, that have either failed or overrun their time and budget because they were not managed well. The managers in charge of these projects did not possess and exhibit necessary skills required to take them to the finish line.

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Leaders are Trained, Not Born. How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

Leaders are trained not born
It is said that leaders are not born, but made through hard work and dedication. It takes different types of skills to advance in your profession and be a true leader that everyone admires. Unfortunately, these “soft skills” are not taught in the classroom. You have to learn these skills on the job and by seeking advice from friends and professional colleagues. The good news is these skills can be learned, and once you master them the payoff is significant in terms of promotion and pay increase / bonus. You don’t even have to wait till you get a job to learn these skills. You can teach your school going kids these skills to give them jump start on their future careers. After all, you need a combination of school education and soft leadership skills to get hired and advance in the career.

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3 Ways to Be a Better Coach to Your Employees

3 Ways to Be a Better Coach
A great leader or business owner not only knows how to run his company, but he is also a great motivator and coach to his employees. Think about it – your business is only as good as the contribution made by your employees and you are only as good as the value you can get from your employees. That is why coaching and motivating your employees to bring out the maximum potential from them is one of the most important jobs of any leader.

The problem is not every leader is a born coach. There are those who are natural at bringing out the best from others and there are others who make employees run away from them. With little help and determination it is possible for a leader to improve his coaching skills. All you need is to put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Below are 3 important steps you need to take to be a better coach.

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How can you be Tough without being a Jerk to Succeed in Small Business?

There is a crucial difference between being tough and being a jerk when it comes to running small business. Many small business owners take it to the extreme when it comes to being tough and, as a result, end up alienating their employees and everyone else around them. In the previous post I described why you don’t have to be a jerk to succeed in business.
I have received interesting feedback from the readers on that post. Some of them maintained that when you have to deal with number of people, many of whom are out there to take advantage of you, you have no choice, but to be a “jerk”. This is where many of us get it wrong. While you don’t want to come out as too “soft” to make sure people do not take you for a ride, you don’t have to go to the other extreme either to succeed. There are ways by which you can portray yourself as tough and still be respected by people around you. Read on to find out how:
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Do you have to be a Jerk to Succeed in Small Business?

All successful business people are jerks to some degree, right? Steve Jobs, one of the most brilliant and successful entrepreneurs, who is liked (worshiped) by many had personality that many of us would not be able to stand. He fired quarter of the team working on next generation computer called Lisa because they were not “A-players”. He even refused to pay the share of bonus he and his partner, Steve Wozniak, had received after laboring for 4 grueling days to meet the deadline to produce a prototype.
These and the stories of other successful people may make us think that the only way to succeed in entrepreneurship or in small business is to be a jerk and screw people of their fair share. But is that a fair assessment? Were they successful because they were jerks or is there more than what meets your eyes?
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The Biggest Hiring Mistake – Hiring a Manager from Outside

In earlier post on best practices when hiring a manager I mentioned that the small business owners should first try find an internal candidate and promote someone who is already working with you when you need to hire a manager. The feedback we received on the post as well as discussions with other small business owners has validated this practice. The reason is obvious. Any mistake made in hiring a manager will hurt your business for a long time. The best example of why this is the case can be seen in the difference in last 10 years in the performance of America’s two storied technology companies.
Look at the stock performance of IBM and HP. While IBM has experienced tremendous growth in those 10 years HP has gone in exactly the opposite direction. One of the factors that has contributed to this divergence is the way they have hired CEOs. IBM has had only 2 CEOs in the last 10 years. Not only that, they were both promoted from within and were groomed for several years prior to that. On the flip side, HP has gone through 5 CEOs since 1999 – all of who were hired from outside. I believe this is the primary reason why both companies are where they are. Let me explain the reasons why internal candidate is your best choice when hiring a manager.
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