Infographic: Choosing the Best Van for Your Small Business Needs

Vans are the workhorse of small businesses. They can haul people, equipment, raw material and pretty much anything you can think of. Many small business owners also modify the vans to suit their unique needs. So, how do you choose the right van for the needs of your business. Well, you need to look at several factors before making the decision. Some the factors you need to consider are – cargo capacity, horsepower, torque capacity, safety features, etc. Here is an Infographic to help you select the best van for your business needs:

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How to Get Dream Car for Your Business on a Budget

Luxury Car
There’s no doubt that first impressions matter. This extends beyond your own appearance and how you present yourself to what you’re driving too. The big three German manufacturers, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, have long represented the kind of luxury people expect from a successful businessperson’s car. This kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, though, and for those running a small business on a tight budget, it’s often an expense that can’t be justified. So how can you still drive that luxury car that conveys an aura of success without having spend a fortune. Here are few options you can consider:

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First Time Landlords – Should you Lease your Property Through an Agency?

Should you lease your property through an agency 2
In recent years, increase in house prices has ushered in a new age of inexperienced landlords trying to cash in on the boom – if you’re reading this you may even be one yourself. It is worth considering your options, then, especially if you are inexperienced, and asking yourself the question, should I lease my property through an agency?
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How to Reduce Startup Expenses when Launching a Business

Most people who are launching a business underestimate the time, money and effort required in the initial stage. They end up spending more time and money than they had initially planned. While they are working hard to put everything in order to start the business on-time; the bills continue to pile up and it comes as a shock when they examine the total expense incurred before the money has even started coming in. This is just one of several reasons why an early investment in a good professional tax and accounting software platform is crucial.
There are good reasons to reduce your start-up cost. The less money you spend before you open your business, the more money you will have for advertising and promotion; which is crucial in the early stage. Besides, it will allow you to set more money aside for working capital; which is particularly important for first few months.
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How to Lower Fixed Cost to Achieve Financial Flexibility

We mentioned in the previous post that in this times of economic uncertainty your business needs to have flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. One of the ways you can do this is by converting as much of your fixed costs to variable as possible.
The reason for converting fixed cost to variable is simple – fixed costs don’t change with sales or production; while you can control variable costs in response to change in sales. Monthly rent you pay for the building is an example of fixed cost; whereas the amount you pay to buy raw material to make final product (commonly known as Cost of Goods Sold) is an example of a variable cost.
High fixed cost can hurt you in difficult economic times, such as now, and can even drive you out of business. This is what happened to many of the businesses that simply could not cover fixed cost with the sales plummeting. There are several ways in which you can convert fixed costs to variable. Below we have highlighted them.
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How to Survive Economic downturn by Being Flexible

The difficult economic environment in the last couple of years has forced many businesses to close their doors and ruined the dreams of many people. While it has affected almost all businesses, it has particularly hit hard to those who were not flexible.
While it may be too late for some businesses to do anything about it now, if you are one of those who have survived or are just starting now is the time to think about how you should prepare and respond to the downturn that refuses to go out.
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