Understanding Many Facets of Health and Safety in the Workplace

Workplace Safety
The life of an entrepreneur and business owner is rarely straightforward, primarily because there are so many fascinating and complex facets involved with operating a commercial venture. While managing these individuals’ aspects of business is relatively simple, it is your ability to multi-task and maintain a complete view of your venture that will ultimately determine its success or failure. This is arguably the most challenging aspect of managing a business, especially when you consider tasks such as complying with the increasingly diverse range of health and safety laws in the UK.

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Importance of Health and Safety Measures in Business

Business Lawsuit
Over time, there is a sense that the UK has developed something of a compensation culture in the workplace. This has emerged at a time when there has been increased focus on health and safety, as regulatory bodies continue to drive compliance and force employers to create a safe working environment. According to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, as employees have become more aware of the health and safety compliance a minority have capitalised on workplace accidents in order to claim financial compensation.

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How Legislation Affects Your Business and Personal Lives

How legislation affects business  and personal lives
Some people may not realize how much their lives are affected by legislation. You don’t have to be involved in a lawsuit or court action for a legal decision to determine certain aspects of your everyday living. Keeping up on Queensland legislative pronouncements is a positive step for you to remain knowledgeable.

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Small Business Owners: Cover Your Legal Bases before Getting into Trouble

Legal Bases
We live in an incredibly litigious society. The number of ways your business can run into legal trouble, if you think about it, would boggle your mind. A lot of business owners wait until they are sued or run head-on into trouble before they try to figure out what steps to take. A better approach is to be proactive and learn about the different types of legal issues you might have to deal with.

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How to Protect Your Business from lawsuit in BYOD Environment

BYOD Environment
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become a trend in the corporate world whereby employees can use their personal mobile device to access work email or perform other work related tasks. However, allowing employees to use personal devices in the workplace may expose companies to litigation risks. For example, when a company is being sued, they may need evidence that an employee may have stored on a personal device. Gaining access to the device and obtaining data while respecting employee privacy can become a legal minefield. Because some jurisdictions have stricter data privacy regulations than others, employers could face unintended consequences if they access or delete company data stored on a personal device without the owner’s permission.

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Warning: You may Run into Trouble without Proper Record Keeping

Importance of record keeping
In a small business it is easy to forget the importance of maintaining accurate records. These records need to be kept far longer than the time they are active. Even after an order is completed and fulfilled or, in the case of a purchase from a vendor, after you have received and fully paid for the merchandise and service, all records will need to be maintained. The typical rule of thumb is 7 years, however there are certain regulations that may increase or decrease that period. In some professions you are required maintain the records indefinitely.

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How to Get Quality Legal Advice without Too Much Hassle

How to get quality legal advice without too much hassle
When it comes to dealing with lawyers, small business owners have love-hate feeling. They understand the importance and need for legal services. At the same time, they also get frustrated by the amount of time they have to spend on it as well as dealing with fine nuances of legal process. For many, the cost of legal services is just too high. No wonder many small business owners like to avoid the subject of legal services altogether.

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What to Do When Your Business Faces a Lawsuit

What to do when your business faces a lawsuit
When you’re running a small business, you’re so busy with managing employees and meeting payroll that the last thing on your mind is a lawsuit. Of course, when that happens it can bring everything to a grinding halt. Handling legal entanglements can drag on for years and can put you in lot of financial trouble. It is in your best interest to know beforehand what you can and cannot do when you are faced with lawsuits. Here are some suggestions to help you calm your nerves in that situation and deal with the issue at hand.

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You CAN Handle The Truth: Five Legal Myths Small Business Owners Should Avoid

We’ve all dreamt about standing up in front of a packed courtroom and shouting the words, “You can’t handle the truth!” But when it comes time to protecting our small businesses and our personal assets, reenacting A Few Good Men won’t get us very far.

There are several legal myths that small business owners commonly believe in. These myths aren’t only dangerous to our companies, but they can be dangerous to our personal livelihoods. Take a look at the five legal myths below to make sure your company isn’t sinking into hot water.
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9 Tips for Protecting Your Business from Outrageous Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury attorneys and legal referral lines advertise everywhere from benches at bus stops to the radio, television, newspaper and Internet. Apparently there’s big money in getting injured! Although some personal injury claims are legitimate and their subsequent lawsuits justified, others are simply born out of greed. Why? Unfortunately, for too many people, the thought of earning an easy buck by suing someone for an injury that may or may not exist is more attractive than actually working to earn that dollar.

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