Your Guide to Setting up an Online Business

So you want to set up an online business. Many do it these days, where the entire business is conducted online with no physical customer facing areas. It works! Just look at Amazon, who has completely dominated online retail. There are certain things you need to remember to keep your online business safe and excelling. You are at a disadvantage to other businesses with a physical front because that is a whole different side to the business, meaning they don’t have to pay as much time to their online area compared to you. But, don’t let it get you down because you can still make it. Here are some tips you need to think of to ensure your online business is nothing but a huge success.

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Why Every Small Business Needs Online Strategy

Marketing is essential even for small local companies. In an increasingly competitive world you have to be able to replace departing customers with new ones. With more than 1.1 billion websites and growing every second, there is no better marketing channel than the internet.

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Time to Go Back To Basics with Online Marketing

If you’re starting a business online, you need to make marketing one of your top priorities. That much should already be clear. The problem is that most business owners, while understanding the importance of marketing, over complicate the situation. Instead of thinking in basic terms, they get into the nitty-gritty details of promotion when really there’s no need. Instead, it’s time to go back to basics with marketing. There are really only three things you need for your business promotion to be a success. These are social media presence, content production and SEO. Tick off those three boxes, and you won’t need to think about anything else for your company to be a hit.

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Follow These Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Perhaps your small business has been doing okay, or even pretty well. However, you are ready to take it to the next level. One small problem (actually not so small) – You are unsure where to start. The choices are overwhelming. Focus on social media? Focus on expansion? Focus on renovating the interior of the main office? What is a business owner to do? Hopefully, the tips that follow will help you gain a measure of clarity.

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A Step by Step Guide to Online Selling Success

Online Store
Starting a new eCommerce business could be the best way to earn a decent wage this year. We all know the job market is in dire straits, and so going self-employed is an attractive option. However, many people won’t know how to attract customers and achieve high sales levels. Considering that, we’ve published some step by step advice on this page you can follow. You’ll still need to perform more research if you want to make a killing. Even so, this article should make sure you start walking down the right path. If you have enough cash to spend, you should always employ the services of a business advisor. That will limit your mistakes and your exposure to risk.

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3 Tips to Grow your Online Retail Business

Online Retail Business
It is every small business owner’s dream to be like Amazon. Here is a web titan that started with just selling books online and has grown into online juggernaut that is giving nightmares to Wal-Mart. Being a small business online, it’s tempting to want to take on Amazon. But that’s like a gnat pitting itself against a god. Your best bet is to find your tiny corner of the web and dominate it on your own terms. While this helps you fight Amazon with your own niche, you will still face thousand other websites jostling for the top spot on Google rankings. So how can you make your website stand out from the crowd?

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Knowledge is Power: How to Monitor Media Reputation and Impact on Business

Media Monitoring
There is an information explosion happening around us like never before. Every second there are millions pieces of information being created and consumed. They come from all different sources and media. Whether it is tweets, photographs, videos, articles or any other form it as become nearly impossible to keep up with this surge in information for any business. Just Google your business name and find out how many links you get for your business. Some links will be good, some bad. Some will be true, while others may not be.

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How to Find the Right Software to Start E-Commerce Store

How to find the right software to start online business
E-Commerce has come a long way from its earlier days when it was considered a major undertaking to set up an online shop. Companies used to spend millions of dollars and had to hire expert software developers to build e-commerce website. Nowadays you can buy, or even rent, software that provides all the functionality needed for online e-commerce store out of the box. The biggest decision you have to make is what type of software to purchase and how much customization you should do. For any online e-commerce software shopping cart is the backbone that provides the most critical functionality.

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Does Your Small Business have Local Internet Strategy

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Here is a quick question for you. Let’s say you are looking for a restaurant to go out for evening dinner with your friends or family. Where would you turn to find out? In the old days your answer would have been Yellow Pages (remember those thick books you used to keep?). Not anymore. These days more and more people are turning to web sites such as Google Places and Bing Local to uncover local businesses. These Online business listings, along with review sites such as Yelp, are becoming the new “Yellow Pages” of the Internet age.
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SohoOS Provides Free Tools for Small Business Owners

Those who are regular readers of this blog know that I am a big supporter of small businesses many of whom feel that they are at a disadvantage when competing with large corporations. I firmly believe that not only can small businesses compete with their larger rivals,but can beat them at their own game. We showed some of the techniques you can use to beat large competitors in earlier post.
In my view large corporations gain advantage against smaller rivals with economies of scale and having better access to capital and business tools. However, the Internet is changing the playing field in favor of small business owners. SohoOS is one promising start-up that aims to level the playing field in the area of business tools. SohoOS shares our vision of helping small business owners effectively compete with and beat their larger rivals who hold unfair advantage.
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