Buying Life Insurance for the First Time? What You Need to Know

By the time that you are ready to invest in a life insurance policy for the first time, you may feel that you are already well versed in insurance options. From car coverage to homeowner’s insurance, there are plenty of different boxes for consumers to tick off when selecting the insurance options and features they prefer. It is only when the time comes to think about how much life insurance you really need and can afford do you begin looking at the overall picture. Consider your age now, the financial burdens that will be passed on to your family with your passing, and how your business will cope without you, and choose a life insurance product that will help you to feel secure.

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Why You Should Invest in Farmland and Agriculture

It does not matter what age you are, whether you are about to embark on your first job or settle into retirement, questions about investing your money always seem to crop up, almost on a daily basis. If you are in your twenties, fifties, or beyond, there are many moves and investments that can better your profits and increase your wealth.

With the constant talk of money, you will find yourself contemplating your own future investments. But before you embark on your rags-to-riches story, you should ask yourself why you should invest your money.

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5 Reasons Gold and Silver is Better Investment than Stocks

Precious metals such as gold and silver have been widely respected throughout the world for their value as well as beauty. In fact since time immemorial gold and silver have been the ultimate criterion of wealth with gold coins being traded as a form of currency for almost 3,000 years. To this day gold and silver are considered excellent investments both in Australia as well as the rest of the world.

1. Precious metal vs. paper
Investments that have been made in a volatile share market (and that includes mutual funds, money-market funds, and the shares of different companies even blue chip stock) are often thought of as reasonably ‘safe’ investments. However, nothing could be further from the truth, since the inherent risk in the stock market is part and parcel of its business.

Let us take the example of the Trump electoral victory on the ASX. (Australian Stock Exchange) When the results were announced the market went though the floor, only to rebound within hours. Such massive fluctuations can make and break people. While it is true that precious metals market may be bearish or bullish but the overall trend is that it is more stable than its stock market counterpart.

In fact, if we were to look at it in the historical context, from the great stock market crash of 1929 that ushered in the great depression all over the world including Australia to the impact of ‘Brexit’ (The British exit from the European Union) on the ASX, the volatility of the stock market is a regular feature of life.

2. Hedge against inflation
Investing in gold and silver provides a certain level of protection from inflation. The market may tend to go up and down, but unlike inflation ( currently measured at between two and three percent in Australia)  in the long run, precious metals tend to remain stable and do not lead to a steady erosion in the value of your paper money.

3. Gold and silver retain their value
Unlike liquid cash, coins or other assets such as property, gold and silver have consistently maintained their value throughout the ages. In fact, for many people in Australia, they are seen as the best way to preserve and protect their wealth and pass it on to their coming generation. Investments in the stock market, on the other hand are not seen as long term generational investments since even the most financially sound companies are known to go bust once panic selling sets in and thus turn their shares into worthless paper.

4. Help stave off the effects of deflation
Even though Australia is not going though a deflationary cycle (period of time when prices drop drastically) but such phases in a national economy are seldom predicted with any accuracy.  In such a scenario, gold and silver tend to retain their original value.

5. Silver – The Common Man’s Gold
The acquisition of silver is much more attainable for the Australian population as compared to the far more expensive metals such as gold and platinum. In fact Silver is often touted as the “common man’s gold”.

Today, thanks to its widespread use in the solar energy industry as well as other decorative and industrial uses, the price of this metal is predicted to rise steadily unlike the stocks that are traded in the stock market, and that is why it is considered an excellent investment option as compared to many others.

Feeling Taxed? What Expenses You Can Claim As a Business Owner

Being an entrepreneur or a business owner requires knowing everything about your company, inside and out. So when the topic of taxes crops up, can you honestly say that you know everything about how to save on them? The whole tax return process can be a very daunting one to say the least, but small businesses need to keep a close eye on what they can deduct and what benefits are available to them so they can reduce what they are liable for. We are all looking for ways to save money, and when you are starting a small business, saving money is the name of the game! So use some of these methods to help make your business as cost-effective and tax-deductible as you can.

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Post-Election Fall-Out – How Financial Markets Have Reacted

Politics and finance come together every four years when America elects a new President. History has shown the correlation between these two worlds as the presidential cycles affect stock market returns.

The stock market, as defined by the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has generally performed better when the incumbent party won each given election, regardless of the political party. If in the three months leading up to the election the stock market is up, it is likely that the incumbent party will win. Losses in those three months mean that the opposing party is likely to come into victory.

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How Can Small Business Owners Deal with Poor Credit

A poor credit score can have a huge impact on your personal finances. In some cases it can restrict you from getting certain types of credit or even stop you from getting credit altogether. For individuals, dealing with a bad credit score can be tricky enough, but if you’re hoping to start a business, having a poor personal credit score can create further obstacles. This isn’t to say that those with a bad credit score should forget the idea of starting their own business. In fact, if you know where to look and who to turn to, there are plenty of financing options designed to help those with a poor credit rating overcome this and successfully launch their business.

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What Do You Need to Know Before Financing a Vehicle Purchase?

Many small business owners cannot or do not want to purchase the vehicle by paying the entire amount upfront. Purchasing a vehicle through financing is a safe and prudent approach you should take to avoid getting a big hit on the cash flow. This option is getting more and more popular as can be seen by number of queries being out in search engines and number of applications being processed by financing companies. Before you rush to purchase your next vehicle through finance, however, it helps to understand the basics to avoid being in trouble afterwards. Below you can find some of the fundamental questions everyone has regarding vehicle finance.

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3 Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Billionaires

They say money can’t buy happiness, but that doesn’t stop many of us from daydreaming about raking in the big bucks and living the life of a billionaire. As a small business owner, your first billion dollars can seem a long way away. However, following the advice of the entrepreneurs that came before you can give you the best chance of living the high life in the future.

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Small Business Owners: Are You Looking After Your Money Carefully?

Money in the bank is everything to small businesses. If you don’t have enough cash, you will experience cash flow problems which could hold up some of your operations. You also need plenty of money to help the business grow and develop. Not only that, though, but it is also useful to have plenty in the bank if you ever hit a rocky patch.

But even though money it acutely important to small businesses, there are still some who aren’t looking after theirs as well as they should. Here are some of the ways various small businesses regularly put their money at risk.

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Does Your Startup Need a Financial Advisor?

Starting a new business is always exciting. The economy is growing at a steady rate, which means your startup is enjoying more businesses and getting bigger by the day. At some point, however, you may need to start thinking about your startup’s finances and whether you need a financial advisor.

So, does your startup need a financial advisor? The answer is most definitely a big YES. We are going to take a look at how an experienced financial advisor can help your startup grow at a healthy rate and reach new heights.

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