How to Co-design Care Processes through Patient Shadowing in the Hospital

“Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances, while neglecting a most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management.”

– John Doolittle, American Politician

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6 Tips for Small Business Owners to Save Time

One skill you need to learn as a small business owner is time management. You’re going to get more work done and be that much more productive when you’re conscientious of the clock. The perfect time to get better at this is when you’re running your own company.

You can’t be wasting time or get behind when you’re in charge or all that goes on with your business. Being late for meetings, scrambling to get your work done and always rushing around isn’t a good look. Save yourself time by being proactive about how you go about your days and putting measures in place that allow you to be an effective boss and business owner.

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How is Technology Changing the Workplace?

The workplace as we knew it just 10 years ago is changing dramatically with the inclusion of Generation X in the workforce and the rise of technology. This generation grew up with technology. It has become an integral part of their personal and business lives. Just look around in the office, or in a nearby Starbucks, and you will find technology embedded in everything people do. Technology allows us to work from anywhere and anytime. Businesses that do not take advantage of this revolution stand to lose in this hypercompetitive world. So, how exactly can technology help you manage your business better?

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How to Improve Business Productivity and Security with Data Transfer

Data doesn’t sit on the sidelines; for many companies, it’s essential to most of our activities and collaboration efforts. Therefore, we need to protect it while ensuring quick access to it. Is this even possible without advanced programming skills? Yes, and here are a few of the biggest business benefits of switching to secure managed file transfer software.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Invoice Builders

Running a small business means having few employees at first. You can’t afford to pay for several employees at once, especially since you have already spent a lot building the business up. The good thing is that there are online tools that can substitute the need for more manpower. Using these free tools, some processes are automated while accuracy is not sacrificed. Online invoice generators are among them.

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Should You Work from Home If You Have Bad Credit?

You’ve done your research and you think you’re cut out to be a home worker. You want the flexibility and you’re prepared for the uncertainty and hard work that comes as part of the package. Only one thing is stopping you making the jump: your debts and your credit score. If your finances are shaky then walking away from a steady pay-check can be very scary. However, working from home is not only doable with debts and poor credit, it can even be advantageous too. Here are some tips.

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How the Workplace is Changing with Growth in Technology

By 2019, we will see that over two-thirds of the UK’s population will be smartphone users, and this is a result of the world becoming extremely reliant on technology. In January 2017, the Labour Force Survey found that there were 31.85 million people in employment. When there are 10.55 million more smartphones per user than there are employees in the UK, it becomes clear how and why the smartphone has changed our day-to-day working practices — but is it for better or for worse?

Something which is not advised by healthcare professionals; research has proven that seven out of ten people who are aged 18-24 check their mobile device through the middle of the night. This post-digital generation are likely to shape the way smartphones are incorporated into working practices in the future.

But why could it be a beneficial idea to allow the younger generation to use their smartphones in the workplace?

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5 Tips for Choosing a Virtual Receptionist Service

For the very first time, a small company can project a corporate image, and thanks to digital technology, virtual office services bring a host of powerful tools for both small and large businesses. An established virtual office provider can give you a prestigious business address in the CBD, along with a local phone number that matches the address, and with a professional virtual receptionist answering all calls on your behalf, the image is complete. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of these services, yet there are still some that are unaware of the benefits that await, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the services you can expect with an established virtual office company.

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18 “More” Resolutions for Business Leaders in 2018

Can you believe it’s December already? Can you believe 2018 is just a week or two away? When you are running a small business, the year doesn’t just fly by — it rockets away with barely enough time to recognize when a new year is approaching.

One way to prevent 2018 from whooshing out of sight like 2017 did is to prepare a few business-related resolutions for yourself. Unlike business objectives and goals, which might take several years to complete and require the cooperation of entire teams, your resolutions should impact how you lead your business in the coming year.

If you choose the right resolutions, your business is sure to be more than it was last year. Here are 18 resolution ideas to get you motivated for 2018.

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The Real Cost of Business Downtime

Maximising productivity and minimising costs is a priority for every business, no matter its niche. Given our growing technological dependence, one minor misconfiguration or full-scale system failure can lead to significantly reduced productivity — or worse still, complete business shutdown.

In Europe, a total of 552 man-hours are lost due to IT and technology failures every year, resulting in a 37% drop in revenue generation. While businesses may have heard of business downtime, are they truly aware of the wider implications it can have?

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