Guide to Best Mobile Apps for Your Business Needs

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are living in the age of mobile apps. There are apps for virtually anything you want to do in your personal or business life. Apple’s iTune store has tens of thousands of apps available to download. The downside is that it becomes difficult to find the few good apps that help you achieve your goal. How do you find the best apps for a given task? Below we help you do just that for your business needs.

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Biophilic Design: Coming to Save Us All?

Workers in many studies have reported feeling less stressed and more satisfied when they work in environments with access to nature or goodly amount of greenery. Adding plants to your office design is a good start, but the next level is coming, and hopefully to an office near you: biophilic design.

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Fast and Easy Solutions for the Most Common Business Travel Nightmares

While travelling on business looks like fun from outside, ask anyone who travels constantly and he will tell you it is not as exciting as it looks. There are number of things that could go wrong including flight delays, troubling passengers, lost luggage and so on. You not only have to deal with these issues during travel but you also need to arrive at your destination ready to jump into business right away. Those who can deal with these issues effectively can get more accomplished during the travel and still get back in good shape.

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How Feasible Is A Paperless Office?

Digital technology and a growing awareness in environmentalism have caused many businesses to try and go paperless. Going paperless can provide number of advantages such as cost savings with elimination of paper, higher efficiency and ability to track the digital trail of the process. Several companies, large and small, have tried going paperless with varying success. But how feasible actually is a wholly paperless office?

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5 Productivity Tips to Get More Done In Less Time


Ask any entrepreneur or small business owner what they would like to have more of. Chances are 9 out of 10 of them will say they’d like more time. When dealing with hundreds of tasks on any given day, having more time on their calendar is something they all wish they had. The unfortunate reality is that  you  can’t invent more time, but you can do more in a given amount of time. The productivity tips explained in this article can help you achieve just that. Continue reading to find out how.

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6 Ways GPS Tracking Can Help Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

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Deciding to invest in new technology for your company can be daunting. Many business management tools promise significant savings but are unable to deliver results, leaving business owners and fleet managers at a loss both financially and in terms of productivity.

By reducing fuel usage and maintenance costs and contributing to loss prevention strategies, GPS trackers provide an average ROI of 17:1. The data collected by GPS devices grants business owners and fleet managers insights into driver behavior that enable them to evaluate aspects of their fleet’s operations, in turn allowing them to make changes that will lead to stronger performance and more efficient operations.

Two of the most powerful benefits of GPS trackers are increased revenue and decreased operating costs. Let’s take a look at 6 ways it accomplishes this:

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Is Your Business Achieving Ultimate Efficiency?

What is ultimate efficiency? It’s a theoretical business model that we’re sure no business on the market is currently achieving. Ultimate efficiency would mean that in your company, you wouldn’t be wasting any time or money. Your model would be completely productive with a high output, easy savings and massive profits. However, the fact that no one is currently achieving this level of efficiency doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to work towards it. You should constantly be looking at ways to make your business more effective and efficient. Let’s start by examining the issue of time wastage.

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How Online Collaboration Can Help Business and the Environment

Businesspeople Looking At Computer Screen
Even if the grubby money hungry hounds in corporate don’t believe climate change is real, taking positive action can be extremely profitable – to the planet and your business. In this article, I’m going to talk about how building a corporate structure around sustainability can be lucrative, because when going green puts more green in wallets they’ll listen to the science. From utilising online collaboration tools to downscaling on office space and reducing costs, here are some of the ways businesses can prosper from greenification.

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How to Reduce Equipment Downtime during Harvest Season

In some fields, farmers have a month or two to get in their year’s yield. In others, that time is reduced to a couple weeks. No matter what harvest timeframe farmers fall victim to, the fact remains that the sooner they can bring in the harvest, the sooner they can see the profits of their endeavors. Every setback during harvest season is significant indeed.

The most common cause of forced downtime is machinery malfunction, which can leave a famer’s crop blowing in the wind for days on end. Therefore, the easiest way to make the most of harvest season is to ensure one’s equipment is in peak condition. Here are six solutions to help farmers properly maintain their machinery so they can truly reap what they sew.

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4 Ways to Leverage Technology to Improve Business Efficiency

Technological advances in this decade have helped small business owners compete with their larger counterparts on the same footing by allowing them to reduce cost and become more efficient. There isn’t a single area of the business that is not impacted by technology. New technology such as cloud computing, big data analytics, internet of things are helping startups and small businesses start and grow rapidly. As a small business owner if you are not leveraging technology fully you are putting yourself at a great disadvantage and may eventually go out of business. Here are 4 ways in which business owners take advantage of technology.

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