What to Look for in Security Provider for Your Business

What to look for in security provider for your business
Online security has received lot of attention lately as a result of NSA scandal and high profile hacking attempts at several large corporations. With the rise of internet and proliferation of computers in our daily lives it is imperative that businesses pay close attention to online security and protect their computer networks like a hawk. At the same time, it is also important to ensure your offline or physical security is in place to protect physical infrastructure from intruders and scammers. Failing to do so can result in theft and sabotage producing large financial loss for your business.

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Are you Aboard the Broadband Train Yet?

Are you Aboard the Broadband Train Yet
Communication technology has come a long way from the time Alexander Graham Bell made a first phone call to Watson. The rise of internet in the last 10 years has benefited communication technology by demanding an ever increasing need for speed. As a result, tasks that used to take 20 minutes to download in the early days of internet can now be accomplished in 2 seconds. Financial firms are putting more and more advanced technology to increase the speed of their trade execution even by few milliseconds. Communication companies have responded to this need by developing and deploying advanced technology.

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Information Security Breaches: Top Tips for a Swift Recovery

Information Security Breaches
Big or small, all businesses are at risk from a very wide range of information security threats. Given the recent trend of businesses being mostly reliant on the internet for communication as well as business operations, all companies are now vulnerable to hackers, viruses and a whole host of other dangers.

It’s nearly inevitable that your company will suffer from a security breach at some point, unless your security system is rigid and constantly updated and reviewed. Up to 93 percent of large businesses in the UK had at least one security breach last year, with 87 percent of small businesses suffering from one – a 76 percent increase from a year ago!

If your company sustains an attack, it is vital that you respond swiftly and confidently, in order to prevent further damage.

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Why Every Small Business Needs Data Encryption

Why Your Business Needs Data Encryption
In 2012, a faculty member at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, part of the University of Texas, discovered that his home had been robbed. A laptop lost in the robbery contained 30,000 unencrypted patient medical records including patient health information and Social Security numbers. In addition to informing those whose information had been lost, M.D. Anderson offered free credit monitoring to anyone affected by the breach. Also, under new HITECH regulations, health care organizations like M.D. Anderson could face up to $1.5 million per privacy violation.

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Warning: Your Computer is being Hacked! How to Protect

Warning your computer is being hacked
Every time you turn on your computer connected to internet you are prone to security threat from the hackers who are constantly on the prowl to get sensitive information such as customer personal data, trade secrets or bank account numbers. The news about security breaches and hacking attacks have become daily affair. At times it seems the only way to prevent such attacks is to move to a remote island without any internet connection.

As tempting as this may sound, however, the reality is you cannot live without connecting your computer to internet these days. A more realistic approach is to ensure you are taking steps to shield your computer and network from external threats.

Two primary ways by which you can ensure protection from security threats are prevention and remediation. As you can imagine prevention is always a preferred approach since by the time you have to do remediation it may already be too late. The tools that are used to assess your systems to prevent such attacks fall in 3 categories – security audits, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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Tax Season Opens Security Risks for Small Businesses

Tax Season Opens Security Risks for Small Businesses
According to a nationwide survey conducted by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, 73 percent of small businesses rely on trusted Internet connections and 77 percent report that information security is of the utmost importance. Despite this, over 87 percent of small businesses are unprepared for data breaches that may occur online or through other, traditional methods.

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