What Online Advertising Services Should You Use to Grow Your Business?

If you haven’t already hopped on the digital advertising bandwagon, you need to do so right now. Taking this step will benefit your company in multiple ways. For example, it will help you optimize conversion rates while also expanding your domain of influence. A third benefit of developing a strong presence in the online world is being able to interface with clients and business partners in a more immediate way. Below you’ll find just a few of many online advertising services you should start using to build your company:

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3 Psychology Principles You Can Use to Improve Social Media Marketing

If you’re a business owner in the modern climate you must now engage with your audience on all fronts, and today that is primarily through the most popular social media platforms. The wars for your customers’ eyes, ears and minds are less fought on billboards and magazine spaces these days, those work too, but the overwhelming majority of connectivity you can establish with prospective clients is through persistent social media profiles.

More than one billion people actively use a social media account every day as of February 2017. If you neglect this, you are currently missing out on potentially exposing your brand to 1/7th of the human population. You see the problem.

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Driving Customer Loyalty Through Social Media Interaction

Consumers now, more than ever, are looking for more than just product from companies they frequent or brands they enjoy.  Beyond simply being provided a service or goods, they are seeking a personal connection.  They aren’t likely to remember every point along the way; only interactions that produced positive emotions and experiences.  Customers want a peek behind the curtain, opportunities to build trust where they already invest monetarily.  At its core, customer loyalty is about emotion and social media provides many opportunities, through both word and deed, to interact and connect.

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How to Reclaim Lost Business Mojo through Digital Marketing

As a small or medium sized business, you probably have never pictured yourself as capable of competing with big companies with entire marketing departments and million dollar budgets. When business gets slow, you struggle to keep your head above water and riding the waves of success feels like a long way off.

Digital marketing has changed the playing field for everyone, but especially for small to medium sized businesses who can now compete and grow in ways that they weren’t previously able to. Everything from cost to customer interaction is different online, and these changes work in a way where if you have a strong digital strategy placed in capable and professional hands, your small business will be able to able to compete in a big way.

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Top 3 Areas You Need to Invest in to Grow Your Business

The age-old question in business is should you split the profits after a job well done, or should you reinvest that money, strengthening the business? Although it’s always tempting to give yourself a nice big bonus at the end of the month, it could be to the detriment of your company in the long run. If you have a long-term business plan in place, these are the top three areas you should look to reinvest that hard-earned cash.

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3 reasons why having a website is better than Facebook page

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The debate about a business should have a Facebook page or a website seems to be never-ending. Almost every time someone brings up the idea of a website, different questions start to arise: “How is a website better than a Facebook page? Why should I pay? My Facebook page is good enough.” — this train of thought is almost always the same.

Yet there is a significant difference that can make it or break it for a bunch of customers and businesses too.

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Business Hacks: Use Loyal Customers to Bring In New Customers

Trying to bring in new customers can be a really difficult task that requires you to expand your marketing budget. But, what if it were able to engage existing loyal customers to bring in the new ones? This is the premise behind work-of-mouth marketing. If done right it can help you expand your customer base and increase sales, without spending a fortune on marketing. Several companies have employed this technique successfully. Even small business owners can deploy this marketing skill to grow their business. Continue reading to find out how:

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6 Digital Marketing Tips for Healthcare Companies in 2017

When it comes to digital marketing, healthcare businesses have been lagging behind for some time. However, with competition on the rise and digital marketing strategies now essential for success, many healthcare companies are beginning to catch up in the digital age. If you are currently studying for or have graduated from college with a degree such as an MSN in nursing administration, then starting your own healthcare company or clinic could be the next step for you. We’ve put together some top tips to help you market and advertise your healthcare company online.

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8 Underrated Marketing Ideas for Dental Practitioners

If you want your dental practice to become extraordinarily successful, it’s important to consider which marketing strategies you can use to realize the goal. Below you will find 8 underrated dental marketing ideas that can take your dental practice’s conversion rates from average to amazing:

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Top 5 Biggest Website Blunders That are Costing You Leads

Companies making deadly mistakes with respect to their website is nothing new, and it can happen to the best of us. And while a digital marketing agency can help a company avoid some of those mistakes, it is still important for you to tread very carefully when you are developing or updating your website. With that in mind, we can take a look at the five biggest website blunders that could be resulting in lost leads for your company.

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