4 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

Marketing Mistakes
Poor marketing is one of the top 10 reasons small businesses end up closing their doors. Strong marketing and sales strategies can have a massive effect on the success of the business overall.

Most small businesses create social media pages, advertise with local papers, and create a website and think that most of the advertising is done. They neglect to make the most of the digital outlets available to them. This could be out of ignorance of what is available, or it could just be that they are hesitant to spend too much money on marketing. Regardless of the reason, neglecting a strong sales and marketing campaign can be crippling to any business.

It is important to remember that money has to be spent in order to make larger profits. Large corporations figured this out, and that is why so many of them have large and successful marketing campaigns.

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Knowledge is Power: How to Monitor Media Reputation and Impact on Business

Media Monitoring
There is an information explosion happening around us like never before. Every second there are millions pieces of information being created and consumed. They come from all different sources and media. Whether it is tweets, photographs, videos, articles or any other form it as become nearly impossible to keep up with this surge in information for any business. Just Google your business name and find out how many links you get for your business. Some links will be good, some bad. Some will be true, while others may not be.

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Harness the Power of Social Media to Improve Customer Experience

Managing customer interaction online should not be confined to just addressing complaints. Small business owners miss important opportunity to build long-term relationship with their customer in doing so. Business owners should look into interacting with their customers on a regular basis via social media. This will not only help them keep pulse on what their customers are thinking, but also will increase their sales and profit. Customers are interacting with the businesses online in search of quick and effective response. That is what small businesses need to harness.

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Visually Inspired: How to Optimize Images to Attract Consumers to Your Website

How to Optimize Images for Website
If you have started to work on your SEO but you are still in the early stages, a lot of what you have read will probably be focused on the written content of your website. You may have heard that images cannot be read by the search engine spiders, and that you should therefore focus on written content.

While written content is the most important factor, you may well want to include images on your website, and if you do, you should make sure you optimize them. Optimizing images properly can help your site to get more traffic from both the standard search engines and the image search engines. So, how can you optimize images? Here are some tips:

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How to Improve Sales with email marketing services

Email marketing
The internet needs to be utilised to the full potential by businesses in all industries if they are to succeed. Online marketing is the most powerful form of marketing, and in order to use it properly you will need to employ the services of an internet marketing company which can use email marketing, search engine optimisation and other techniques to improve your business’s prospects.

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7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Kill Marketing Campaign

Facebook advertising is gaining momentum as a viable option for many businesses. Paid advertising can put your content and business in front of more people, generate leads and sales and build your social media following.

The problem is for every successful Facebook advertiser, there is another one who claims Facebook ads are a waste of money and don’t get results. That’s most likely because they made one (or more) of the following mistakes and killed their own advertising campaign.

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Why Social Media Marketing is a Must for Small Businesses

Social media
Social media marketing is an essential part of the current business culture. Every business that takes marketing seriously has to use social media accounts to create better marketing opportunities. Social media can affect how customers view your brand, and it is wise to learn how to make that happen.

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The State of Social Media in 2013

The State of Social Media in 2013
The social media continued to command attention from consumers, publishers and advertisers alike in 2013. Consumers still cannot live without accessing their Facebook account almost every day. They cannot stop showing pictures of their favorite food or vacation spot on Instagram. Because of this publishers cannot afford not to pay attention to social media sites to get in front of their audience. The end effect is that advertisers have taken notice of this increasing trend in social media and have started spending more money on social media sites. Any vendor or publisher who does not have social media strategy stands to lose customers and audience members.

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7 Fantastic Tips for Building Great Brand for Small Business

7 tips for creating great brand for small business
Building a brand for your business can create long-term competitive advantage and add thousands of dollars of additional business. Branding your business is all about giving the audience something to remember you by. All the greats (names like Apple, Samsung, Coca Cola and Nike) know that you have to become a part of consumer culture if you want to be a household name. It is equal parts knowing your audience, as in the case of Old Spice, where the target audience was receptive to over the top masculinity, and knowing your product. In today’s landscape, you have to be proactive if you want to develop a brand that will resonate with consumers. We describe below 7 fantastic tips you can use to build and sustain great brand for your business.

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Small Business Owners: Are you using E-Commerce to Grow Sales?

Shopping Cart
E-Commerce sales continue to grow at rapid pace. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay have been growing at double digit rate for the last several years and are expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Traditional brick and mortar retailers have recognized this trend and have started to take aggressive actions to increase their online presence. Every single retailer is focusing on integrating traditional and online shopping with the ability to order for online items right from the store and return items purchased online to the store.

Small business owners can benefit equally well by including ecommerce channel with their traditional operations. As I will explain below, when you consider what is required to set up the ecommerce operation and the resources available to do so, it becomes a no brainer to set up an online store. You can improve sales by tapping into this additional channel to get customers who otherwise would not visit your traditional store.

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