5 Tips for Streamlining the Payroll Process

As long as you have employees, managing your payroll process is likely quite demanding on your most valuable resource, which is time. Thankfully, streamlining the payroll has become a lot easier than it used to be even a few years ago and by implementing all of the five tips mentioned here, employers can save multiple hours of productive time every month.

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How Can Advance Technology Solutions Help Jump Start Business

The world is constantly evolving and as a result, technological advancements are essential in sustaining the growth. Most thriving economies are investing billions into technological research in a bid to spearhead inventions and creations that can further propel economic prosperity. There is an emerging trend where businesses are thriving by making use of advance technologies such as enterprise applications and cloud computing.

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Tips to Select Procurement Management Software for Your Business

Procurement is one of the less glamorous, yet very important, function within any business. It does not get as much attention as sales and marketing function, but it contributes equal value to the business. True, it does not generate revenue, but the savings you can achieve using the right procurement approach drops straight to the bottom line and substantially improves profit. This is why businesses that understand the value contribution of procurement pay great attention to deploying proper processes, personnel and technology to get the most out of it.

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5 New Technologies That Could Transform Small Businesses

The digital age has brought so many innovations that have already changed the way we do business. The internet is the obvious one, connecting businesses with clients across the world that they’d previously never have had the ability to sell to, let alone meet.

From the internet came smartphones, leaving us connected on a 24/7 basis, increasing our ability to do business from the working hours of Monday-Saturday to any time and anywhere.

It’s notoriously difficult to predict which technologies will take off in the future and which will fade into obscurity, but here are five new technologies that could change small businesses over the next few years.

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Business Process Management (BPM) in Airport Design and Operation

From a business process management perspective, there can be few systems as complex as a modern international airport. For one thing, there is the sheer scale in terms of physical size and number of planes and passengers. But for another, there are so many different processes as work. Each has its own stakeholders and managers, and its own inputs and outputs, but there are also subtle linkages that join them all together.

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Product Review: Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

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Among screen recorders, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac is unique software that provides a simple way to record videos from a screen. Users can quickly set up and start recording video footage, while also having access to a wide range of options to customize the recording to fit their requirements.

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Examining the Benefits of Project Management Software

Almost every part of a business’s operations can be divided into smaller projects. The sales department often treats opportunities and clients as projects to complete. The same can be said for finance, production, and even human resources. It is not surprising to find that good project management is at the core of bootstrapping and modern business operations.

For small businesses, effective project management can be achieved through the implementation of project management software. The software, once implemented, will act as a framework for handling every project within the business’s operations. It is also worth noting that there are several crucial benefits of using a reliable project management software.

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How can Tracking Software Help Streamline Your Business

Big corporations have armies of accountants that provide information on things like inventory management, order status, and other items that are vital to your business. But most cannabis producers got into this business to avoid such environments. Yet, the need remains, and this information is especially vital for every-dollar-counts startups.

A program like Trellis incorporates both your need for information and your need for flexibility. It has an easy to use platform that’s specifically designed for the cannabis production industry, and all the associated compliance and production issues.

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few issues to consider.

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Are There Breaks in the Supply Chain That Can Hurt your Business?

Things are moving pretty fast now, aren’t they? Consumer demand has risen, as have costs and the amount of competition out there. That means your business is likely losing out somewhere – but where? Today, we’ll get an overview about the challenges surrounding managing a supply chain.

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Board Portals That Encourage Director Adoption

When it comes to technology adoption at the workplace, everyone wants change, but nobody wants to change. Technology adoption at the workplace, especially at the board level, is a major challenge to organizations working to improve communication and efficiency at the board level. Given the busy nature of board work, directors are understandably reluctant to give up the system they’ve learned how to use and struggle through a whole new way of doing things. They see lost hours of productivity that would be better spent on real work than struggling with new technology.

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