How Digital Environment is Changing Building Design Process

“It’s a digital life – we need a digital built environment” says BIM specialist John Eynon. Everything around us is becoming digital, but what about our buildings – and the processes we use to build them? As technology becomes more advanced in everyday life, we have also seen advancements within the construction industry that could reshape the industry as we know it. The industry is known for incorporating digital technology into their processes, but what about architects? How are architects increasingly using technology to design innovative buildings of the future, so that the industry can keep up with the everchanging times?

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3 Fundamental Strategies for Small Business Growth

Sadly, many small businesses struggle when it comes to achieving significant growth. While other firms, a select few, will manage to move to the big league incredibly quickly. So, how can some firms achieve rapid results, while others remain almost in the same position as when they started? Could your small business make that leap? Remember, no matter the sector or market in which you operate, your small business is capable of significant growth. The constraining factor in most cases won’t be your watertight business model. Instead your ambition and drive to succeed could be what’s holding you back. So, if you are struggling to grow your business, are you following these three fundamentals?

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3 Ways Technology Has Advanced Business

With the coining of the term ‘millennial’ comes a generation that is still in the process of transforming the business landscape. The powerful technology that is now available at high-street prices means that many longstanding, traditional business models are being either scrapped or being adapted to the digital age. Digitization has somewhat provided a business equality model for small businesses and entrepreneurs: the gap between small businesses and large enterprises has narrowed.

Technology is changing how business is conducted, and its scalability. Increases in use of the internet for business has provided access to more resources, and a wider audience of contacts and customers. This means that small businesses have been able to grow and develop faster than before. Here are three examples of how digitalization has advanced small businesses.

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5 Tips for Buying Software on a Budget

Gone are the days when everything technological comes with a hefty price. Today’s mass production of technological software and hardware made it very affordable for many people to buy them. Different software products provide various functionalities and conveniences for many people that they can use for personal or business uses. Legitimate software vendors offer several ways to cut the product cost and allow you to access or get it without shelling too much money.  Many brick and mortar business and online vendors that serve as third party sellers also provide some mechanisms to allow people to buy these software products in the fraction of their actual cost.

Here are some of the ways to purchase software on a budget:

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9 Online Tools to Help You Better Manage Remote Employees

In this day and age, saving money on business expenses is at the top of the list of things to do for most business owners – and that’s why so many businesses are opting to hire remote employees to work from the comfort of their own homes, and sometimes, even a different country.

Hiring employees from different countries can often decrease staff wages significantly. Saving money on office space is also another reason for hiring remote employees. Sometimes, businesses do it just to improve working productivity.

Whatever their reasons for doing it, it’s important that managing their remote employees the right way is one of their main priorities. If you’re thinking about going down the same path of hiring remote employees, have a look at some of the top online tools that will help you get the best out of them.

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Top Apps for Organizing Your Business

It’s no secret that organization is one of the key factors in any company’s success. Of course, as important as it is, staying organized can get increasingly difficult as a business grows. If you’ve found yourself struggling to get a hold of your important data, or you frequently find yourself overwhelmed with meetings you forgot about, then this is the guide for you. This guide will look at some of the best apps on the market, so that you can spend less time managing your office and more time managing your business like you’re supposed to.

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Advanced Time Tracking For Today’s Business Needs

There are quite a few stand-alone versions of time tracking software that work well for companies and organizations that prefer to work ala carte with employee check-in and check-out systems.

At the same time, if you are looking for a vendor or a software package that can do more, you will find that a few vendors stand head and shoulders above the rest of the market when it comes to creating sophisticated integration with the latest ERP and CRM software.

Of course, part of the reason that there is integration of time tracking for Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP packages is that although sophisticated packages are becoming inexpensive enough for even small companies to implement, most packages do not have full-fledged time tracking software feature sets.

Here are some features to look for in a time tracking software that can integrate with advanced systems:

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5 Essential Software You Need to Consider to Manage Your Business

To ensure success in your business, you need to move with the times. Old fashioned paper documents and outdated systems no longer cut the mustard- to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible you need the right software. Here are just a few different software systems you could use for your business.

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A Quick Introduction to Software Licensing for Businesses

In the contemporary workplace, it is inevitable that you’ll have to use a range of software tools to optimize your business operations. And if you do, chances are you’ll have to deal with software licensing in one way or another. Software licensing is essential since it dictates the guidelines for usage and redistribution of a piece of software. Without understanding how licenses work, you could be charged for breaching copyright law.

It is also important for the developers since it ensures that their property intellectual rights are protected. In addition, licenses are put in place to ensure that you don’t use the software for malicious purposes such as hacking, for instance. In this article, we’re going to address some of the fundamentals of software licensing.

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Report: Recent Trends in Business Management Software

Software has become an integral part of any business today. No business of any size or type can survive without leveraging technology and software to improve their operations, grow sales or provide better customer service. Majority of businesses spend significant amount on software. While it is important to spend money on software it is equally critical to ensure you are using the right software.

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