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Create an Affordable, Customized Health Insurance Plan in Less Than 20 Minutes

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One of the biggest concerns for small business owners is providing health insurance to their employees. Not only does it cost significant money to provide health insurance, but it is also a very complex and cumbersome process that a majority of small business owners do not want to deal with. Fortunately, there is a way for them to create a customized plan that is affordable and easy to understand at the same time as we discussed in the previous post. The customized plan offered by UnitedHealthcare can alleviate many of the concerns small business owners have about providing health insurance. In this article we will show the step-by-step process of selecting the plan.

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How to Ensure Your Company Name is Not Already Registered

The first step to starting a business is to register a business name. It not only allows you to conveniently handle your tax issues with the government, but also acts as your first point of interaction with your customers.  That’s why every business person wants to have a catchy business name, one that resonates well with their target customer base. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. That’s because most names are usually taken up by other entrepreneurs that have registered their businesses before you. However, don’t let the search for a business name temper your drive to get started in business.  That’s because, we have researched and compiled for you 4 tips to ensure that your company name is not already registered.

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How to Protect Your Business with Surveillance Technology

With crime on the rise, businesses are seeing more attacks that are having a great impact on the way that they operate. However, this can be prevented through the use of technology. As well as demonstrating compliance through duty of care and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), not to mention taking necessary steps to protect your brand’s reputation, you should be looking to make security a top priority at your business. We’ve teamed up with 2020 Vision, providers of access control systems, which has created a guide on how you can protect your business:

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The Real Cost of Business Downtime

Maximising productivity and minimising costs is a priority for every business, no matter its niche. Given our growing technological dependence, one minor misconfiguration or full-scale system failure can lead to significantly reduced productivity — or worse still, complete business shutdown.

In Europe, a total of 552 man-hours are lost due to IT and technology failures every year, resulting in a 37% drop in revenue generation. While businesses may have heard of business downtime, are they truly aware of the wider implications it can have?

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Infographic: Can You Run Your Entire Business from Mobile Device?

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous these days. It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t own a cell phone or a tablet. The mobile devices have also become ever so powerful. Today’s cell phone pack more powerful functions and features than an advanced computer used to have just 10 years ago. Is it any wonder that business owners are finding more and more use out of mobile devices? But, can you run your entire business just with the help of mobile device. Surprising as it maybe, here is an Infographic that shows how you can conduct many facets of business with the help of cell phone.

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Is Sexual Harassment Training Always Effective?

Not only should HR professionals know what works when it comes to assembling a compliance training group for sexual harassment, they should also know why such training fails. Such information can be instrumental in facilitating a safer workplace where employees feel they are heard and one in which employees are well-educated about acceptable behavior regarding sexual harassment. When approaching such a major issue, it’ s best to be well-aware of both sides of the spectrum.

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What Do You Need to Prepare Before Starting Recruitment Process

Employees are the biggest assets to any business. The growth of your business depends highly on the performance of your employees, both as individuals and as a team. Filling key positions with the right people are critically important, especially if you want your business to remain competitive on the market.

Recruitment is never a simple task to handle, but there are ways to increase your chances of finding the perfect candidates for the positions you’re trying to fill. Here are some of the things to prepare before starting your recruitment process.

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4 Investment Opportunities for Your Small Business

As soon as your business starts to make a profit, you will need to evaluate your investment opportunities. Otherwise, your funds will be left sitting in the bank and relying on a limited amount of interest. In order to make the most of your available capital, you will need to create a clear plan for your future. You will also need to ensure that you are getting the right combination of security and return on investment. Whilst it is important to take risks in business, you don’t want to place your entire organization in jeopardy. Below are four investment opportunities for your small business.

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4 Reasons to Involve Employees in Decision Making

Decision-making is one of the most important aspects of running a company. A wrong decision can wreak havoc on the progress of your business and employees. Decision-making is a critical process. Since employees are the backbone of your company, you should encourage your employees in the decision-making process. Here are the four reasons why.

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4 Reasons Why Failure Leads to Success

Failure is a phase of life that most people go through at least once. The thought of failure can be daunting, disheartening and disappointing. You may feel stuck in the dark. Failure is not the end of life; you need to buck up courage to go all out to achieve your goal. Here are four reasons why failure leads to success.

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4 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness

A leader plays a paramount role in a company. Leaders have certain characteristics such as charisma, vision, persuasiveness, and diplomacy, that are honed to achieve perfection. Leadership skills enable leaders to inspire their team. Having a good leader is important for any company as people are more difficult to manage than any other resource in an organization. Here are the top four strategies to improve the effectiveness of leadership.

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