3 Ways to Save Money When Doing Business Overseas

International Travel
International expansion is one way to grow business for many small business owners. After all, there is large untapped potential in countries such as India and China with their growing middle class population. These people are earning significant disposable income is are ready to use it on items imported from developed countries.

International expansion, however, comes with its own risks and stress. It is neither comfortable nor cheap to travel internationally – a necessity when you are trying to find partners, customers or vendors in those countries. You have to deal with significant expenses for airfare, hotels and other travel necessities. Dealing with jet lag and the unknown hassle of foreign countries adds to the headaches. The three tips provided below can to some extent alleviate your concerns about cost of international travel.

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Importance of Groundwork when Opening a New Business Outlet

While the UK economy may have grown at a rate 0.7% during the second quarter of 2015, the level of sentiment that existed after the Conservatives landslide victory has dissipated somewhat. With a potential collapse in the Chinese economy and issues surrounding Britain’s future relationship with Europe, it is crucial that businesses remain vigilant and pay attention to even minute details if they are to succeed in 2015 and beyond.

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How to Increase Data Storage Capacity without Buying New Hardware

One of the downsides of growth in any business is the need for increased investment. Maybe new premises, more staff, and often, more computing power is required to support expansion. Computer hardware is a major investment as it’s not just the equipment itself but often extra maintenance and space required to support them.

Growth in companies can be rapid – a design consultancy with more basic needs can be tomorrow’s full service online resource with commensurate increased IT requirements.

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5 Customer Onboarding Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

Customer Service
Attracting, converting, and retaining customers are goals of every onboarding strategy. It may sound simple, but with so much competition for people’s attention, it takes a well-executed strategy to succeed in gaining people’s interest and loyalty. A customer’s first experience with your website can make a lasting impression, and so it’s important that you ensure that two of you get off on the right foot and develop a strong rapport immediately. When it comes to onboarding, the biggest mistake is likely the lack of a solid plan, but in addition to that, here are some of the most common onboarding mistakes and how you can steer clear of them.

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A Fresh Approach to Equipment Training to Manage Risk

Equipment Training
Any person who is required to use equipment at the workplace needs to receive an adequate level of training in order to comply with health and safety requirements.

There are several ways by which your business can approach your training needs to meet certain minimum standards. You can either take the view that the bare minimum to meet legislation will suffice, or hopefully, you will take a fresher approach to equipment training and seek to empower employees with the skills and knowledge that will help them to develop a greater level of competence.

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4 Reasons Why Executives Need to Use Social Media

Social Media
You probably already know that your business needs to be utilizing social media as a means of promotion and connecting with consumers, but you may not be aware of the benefits of having your own online company presence. As a high-level executive, you are often seen as a representation of your company. Taking that representation online is a way of enhancing your reach and adding a human face to the business. Here are some of the reasons executives should use social media.

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Meet the Fampreneur: Why Over Half of New U.S. Businesses Are Family Run

Family Business
While the term “family business” may still bring to mind the little Mom and Pop store on the corner, the reality is that family businesses make up a huge segment of the economy, in the United States and worldwide.

Earlier this year, The Center for Family Business at the University of St. Gallen produced the Global Family Business Index, which lists the 500 largest family-owned businesses worldwide. With huge names like Wal-Mart, Ford Motor Company, and Berkshire Hathaway included, it’s not surprising to find that the combined annual revenue of these 500 firms is over $6.5 trillion!

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3 Ways to Invest in Residential Real Estate in Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is beginning to recover, and many insiders believe that this may be the best place to invest in real estate in the country. This is especially true with residential real estate. There are many ways that you can participate, and get your share of the future appreciation of property in this world famous city. The following are three ways you can achieve this.

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Is it Worth Investing in Landscaping for Business Owners?

The front view of the building says a lot about the person or business inside the building. The landscape in the front and around the building can create a lasting impression in the minds of the customers coming to your premises. That is why business is booming for commercial landscapers. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of investing in landscaping in order to improve the look of their premises. The enhancements aren’t simply on the surface, there are several practical benefits that business owners should consider as they look into investing in the landscape.

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Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Always the Answer for Small Business

Social Media
Social media marketing gets a lot of attention in the business world. With Facebook expanding to over a billion users and Pinterest traffic growing and growing it is easy to believe that all marketing is online these days. This is just not true.

When thinking about other forms of marketing to promote a business, it’s a good idea to consider what type of marketing suits the business best. Where are the potential customers hanging out? What do they read? What do they look at? Where do their interests lie? Position the business in the right locations and it doesn’t have to be too expensive once one gets creative.

Here are some ideas on how to use forms of marketing other than social media to promote a business:

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