Why Your Data is More Safe in the Cloud

Cloud Safety
When I used to work in a tech shop, the cloud was a new concept and many people, especially businessmen and legal professionals, would have a lot of questions concerning the security of their documents when stored in the cloud. I would do my best to explain that only they had access to their account, but as the cloud was still a fairly vague concept to many people, explaining the benefits would often mean breaking down the features in the most rudimentary of ways. On more than one occasion, people struggling with the concept of cloud computing became angry at the idea their personal or work emails being stored in the cloud, never mind the fact that this had been the case ever since they started using email.

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Is Work-Life Balance Possible for Employees in This Age?

work-life Balance
The age of constant contact between places of work and employees is here, and this can mean tasks are completed quickly and businesses can handle more and more clientele. But, with all of this communication, employees can become quickly overwhelmed and stressed due to not feeling as if they can escape work pressures, although technically, they’re not “on the clock.” Here are a couple of ways that you, as an employee, can find a better work life balance even with the tightest of work schedules.

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4 Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution in the Workplace

Construction Suffering From Noise Pollution On Building Site
Some businesses are constantly filled with a barrage of noise that can be very damaging to the health of its employees. Noise pollution is something that can’t always be avoided due to the nature of the work taking place. Heavy machinery is loud to maneuver, and complex equipment whirrs at a constantly pulsating tone. There are ways to reduce those high volume levels, though, as we’re about to explore.

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3 Useful Tips to Invest in Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion
If you are new to investment and have never bought gold bullion before, you may wish to do some homework before you commit your money. There is a wealth of information available with very informative blogs. Taking the time to educate yourself before investing is something that is worth your time and effort. You may just end up saving yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money by gaining a little knowledge.

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How to Brand Your Small Business on a Budget

Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to wear a lot of hats. They may be called on to handle bookkeeping, sales, marketing, strategic planning, and custodial work over the course of a day, and we all know it’s not easy to cultivate expertise in all these areas.

SmallBizViewpoints.com is here to teach you powerful small business tips that can help fill gaps in your experience without costing hours out of a busy day.

In this article, we’ll cover a few highly effective but inexpensive branding options small businesses can use to improve their brand recognition, awareness, and customer loyalty on a limited budget.

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3 Tips to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy
By now, everyone has discovered the joys of niche, target marketing. Targeting a base of customers is always going to be high on any list of the right marketing strategies for your business.

As it turns out, that fact alone is not enough to constitute a marketing strategy. There is a lot to learn about target marketing beyond the basic fact that you need to be doing it. Plenty of businesses engage in rather involved and expensive niche marketing campaigns that don’t work.

You can spend lot of money on marketing fads that don’t yield the results you expected when you bought into them. These fads can cost you more than money, they can cost you time, wasted effort, and customer good will that you will never get back. If your target marketing campaign is not working the way you think it should, let’s take a moment to go back to the basics:

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Startup Tips for Tailor Dressmaker and Alteration Business

Sewing Machine
Are you the go-to seamstress for family and friends? If you’re one of those talented people who are sought out every time someone needs their pants taken-in or the one who always makes the killer costume every Halloween, maybe it’s time you took your abilities public by opening your own shop. Chances are you already have the basic tools of the trade right in your home sewing kit, but what else does it take to turn your part-time passion into a viable small business?

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How to Prevent Building Disasters with Regular Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance
Keeping equipment in good shape should be a priority for all small business owners. As the saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking a short cut on the maintenance can make you pay even more in the long run. For example, if you want your extractor fan to go the distance, you need to make sure it is properly maintained and serviced. In fact, some 70 percent of commercial kitchen fires start because of faulty ducting and ventilation. That’s because grease and fat tend to build up, making kitchen duct cleaning a necessity.

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Tips to Set up Electronic Equipment in the New Office

With the rise of electronic equipment in today’s business it is inevitable that you will encounter challenges when moving to a new office in terms of setting up the electronics. It used to be simple in the old days when all you had to do was connecting electric wires to get the light and electricity. These days you need to worry about computers, internet, network and so on before you can get your business running. Do it wrong and you will encounter hiccups later on that will impact your business. That is why you need to pay special attention to electronics and even hire external help when moving to a new location. Here are several tips to keep in mind.

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4 Ways to Leverage Technology to Improve Business Efficiency

Technological advances in this decade have helped small business owners compete with their larger counterparts on the same footing by allowing them to reduce cost and become more efficient. There isn’t a single area of the business that is not impacted by technology. New technology such as cloud computing, big data analytics, internet of things are helping startups and small businesses start and grow rapidly. As a small business owner if you are not leveraging technology fully you are putting yourself at a great disadvantage and may eventually go out of business. Here are 4 ways in which business owners take advantage of technology.

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