Looking to Relocate? How to Find the Perfect Place for Your Business

Office Building
If you’ve decided that a new place of work would be beneficial for all of your employees, then it’s time to start planning. Relocating a business can be just as stressful as buying a new home, so you must be flexible and plan ahead to ensure that everything is in place when it is time to move. The tips discussed below will help you find the right place for your business as well as help to make your move less stressful.

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Why Your Restaurant Needs Social Media

Social Media
Today’s technology driven world has created a strong business presence on social media. If utilized wisely it can greatly benefit your restaurant. Social media pages provide you with opportunities to personally connect with your customers by displaying menus and pictures as well as advertising for special events. It also allows you to communicate with your customers through a variety of posting and messaging methods. However, the costs of social media can add up over time, especially if you choose to utilize the services of an outside company. So how can you save pennies and receive the benefits of social media at the same time? Keep reading below for some simple advice.

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Practical Approaches to Reduce Business Costs

Cost Reduction
The world is full of ideas on how to reduce business costs, although many of these are based on theory rather than the harsh practicalities of commercial management. After all, it doesn’t make sense to reduce costs if it is detrimental to profitability, as this will have a debilitating effect even in a growing economy. With that in mind, all costs must be measured in line with their potential return, before any decision is made on where to make reductions.

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How to Select Catering Services during Business Events

Business events, no matter whether they’re for training or networking purposes, are vital for getting your business ‘out there’. As a result, if you’re hosting one, it is vital that it is a success. Although the main theme/purpose of the event is undoubtedly important, there’s one other factor it is essential that you get right: the food.

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10 tips for optimising your home office space

Home Office
Whether you’ve transformed your spare room into an office or set up under the stairs, it is essential to make the most of your home office space. There are many things you can do to make your work area as professional, comfortable and roomy as possible. Check out these handy tips.

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Weybridge – a business location with the amenities of a major city with countryside charm

If you are looking for a business location that offers the convenience of being close to London, superb transport links with the rest of the country as well as international airports and the charm of the Surrey countryside, look no further than Weybridge. (AUTHORITY URL: http://www.allaboutweybridge.co.uk/)

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Three Ways to Increase Your Business’ Online Engagement

Online Engagement

In today’s crowded online retail marketplace, there’s no denying that SEO (search engine optimization) matters, and it’s critical for small businesses to stay informed about best practices. “The competition is fierce,” says Donna Duncan, owner of B-Seen on Top, an SEO and social media consultancy based in Philadelphia. “If you rank 1,247, nobody is going to tab down 140 pages to find you.”

So how can small business owners increase their online search ranking and drive traffic to their site? “All the traditional ways of getting people to link to content to bubble up to the top of search results aren’t working anymore,” says Duncan. “Google changes its rules daily.” Here are three ways to drive traffic to your site by pairing tried-and-true marketing strategies with creative content, and speaking directly to your customers’ needs:

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Small Changes that can drive a More Sustainable Business

It’s a standard practice these days for businesses of all sizes to develop and implement company-wide environmental policy. If you are a large business with a big workforce and a correspondingly large carbon footprint, an environmental policy is beneficial for a number of reasons: besides the obvious (and very important) environmental impact, a clear eco-strategy can cut energy costs, provide clear guidance for employees and reduce culpability in case of legal grey areas. But how to successfully design and implement these changes? While many of the items on your list will be specific to your business, there are many simple changes which can be executed within any industry to create a cost-effective, carbon-friendly working environment.

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Project Collaboration Software Can Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Project Collaboration

Technology has completely redefined work teams. Companies are allowing — even encouraging — employees to telecommute, and businesses are increasingly turning to freelancers to complete specialized assignments. It’s now possible for a small business owner in the professional services industry, for example, to have employees working from several different locations all around the world.

Those kinds of arrangements can make collaboration among far-flung team members difficult. Even when teams work face-to-face, collaboration can be hard. That’s why investing in collaborative software is an excellent idea, whether your team members are dispersed or all under one roof.

Collaboration software enables multiple users on different systems to share, process and manage documents, enabling your employees to collaborate productively. Here is a roundup of some of the most popular options out there:

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Flooring Options for New Corporate Office

If you own a business and you will be opening a new office in the near future, there are many things that must be considered. One of the most important details that must not be overlooked is the type of flooring your office will have. There are many different options available to business owners in terms of flooring materials. Let’s take a look at some of these materials so you can get a better idea which one is right for your new office:

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