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4 Signs You Might Be a Wantrepreneur

Most of us know what an entrepreneur is – that real go-getter who opens at least one successful business despite a certain level of financial risk.

On the other hand, a wantrepreneur is essentially a wannabe entrepreneur. They may love the idea of starting a company, working for themselves and calling their own shots at work — but they have not made that all-important leap between wanting to and actually doing it.

If you feel you might currently be more of a wantrepreneur than entrepreneur, but are really trying to change your figurative spots when it comes to your work, check out these classic signs, as well as how to overcome them:

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5 Ways to Organize Your Office Space to Improve Productivity

Keeping an office space and desk area clean, organized, and functional is a whole lot easier said than done. Even with the best intentions, it can be pretty easy for the space to become cluttered rather quickly. If you’ve been finding it hard to locate items you need, move around the space, and have a general sense of disorder as you look around, then it’s probably time to get organized.

Here are five simple techniques you can use to help organize your office and desk space, which will make it a more enjoyable and productive environment to be in.

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3 Tips for New Contractors to Grow Their Business

Contracting can be a very profitable business. A good contractor can make a lot of money once they have established a solid customer base. However, establishing yourself takes lot of time and effort. You have to gain the trust of your customers and maintain high standards to be able to generate repeat customers and get new ones through word-of-mouth. Taking care of these basic steps is necessary, but not sufficient to succeed in the contracting business. Here are additional tips you can use to grow customer base and expand your business.

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How to Ensure Your Charity Organization Accomplishes Its Mission

Running a charity is like running a business in some ways, but in others it is totally different. There are few of things you need to assess and come to grips with before sending aid or money abroad. To grow your charity you need to prove that it is successful and helping people. However, to do this you need to implement a large array of systems and control to ensure you are having the desired effect, whilst making sure everything is above board and working well.

This guide can help you ensure that you are on track, while also giving you tips you can use in the execution of your charitable work.

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Can Cities Benefit by Providing Better Mobility and Access to its Citizens?

The twentieth century has seen a large shift in the population in urban and rural areas in almost all countries. The industrialization and subsequent rise in opportunities has given rise to migration of large number of people from rural areas where agriculture used to be the dominant industry to urban areas in search of jobs. It is estimated that more than half of world population now lives in urban areas compared to just 14% in 1900 and 30% in 1950.

Now the rise of urban population brings with it challenges that some of the cities may not be ready for. The need to access and mobility rises with the population as well as crimes and poverty. Many of the cities in the developing countries are not prepare to handle such a large influx of people. They just do not have the infrastructure required to move so many people and the vehicles that come with that. This has created significant challenges for city planners in terms of traffic jams, pollution and resulting loss of productivity. How can city planners deal with such challenges?

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Top 3 Areas You Need to Invest in to Grow Your Business

The age-old question in business is should you split the profits after a job well done, or should you reinvest that money, strengthening the business? Although it’s always tempting to give yourself a nice big bonus at the end of the month, it could be to the detriment of your company in the long run. If you have a long-term business plan in place, these are the top three areas you should look to reinvest that hard-earned cash.

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7 Great Ways to Turn Your Office Green While Saving Money

Ever since the industrial revolution we’ve been trying our hardest to destroy the planet. As you can see from the impending global warming epidemic it looks like we’ve nearly succeeded! Manufacturing has unfortunately played a big part in the downfall of our planet.

Not all businesses have the same effect on the environment. Offices are a lot less toxic, yet they could play a part in helping the environment. Would you make the necessary changes if you were saving money while helping the environment at the same time? If so, let’s look at a few ways you can do it.

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You Can Do IT! How to Start an IT Support Business

There are number of people out there who are astonishingly good with computers. This is true of all generations, though everyone seems to assume that this is something that’s almost unique to younger generations. A lot of these people end up helping friends with their computers when something goes wrong. They may even be the unofficial ‘go to’ person when there are IT problems at the office!

If you’re one of those people, then perhaps you should be thinking about starting up an IT support business. Maybe you want to start an agency. Maybe you want to be a freelance contractor working directly for clients. Whatever the case, there is always demand for this kind of support.

We’re in a time where startups ensure they’re working with loads of computers, but don’t always have the means to have a full-time (or even a part-time) IT support employee on deck. This is partly why IT consultancies are doing such good business these days. Of course, you can’t just set up a website, call yourself an IT contractor, and expect business to start flooding in. You’ve got to take the right approach to this kind of endeavour!

If you’re at all interested in pursuing this path, then this guide is for you.

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When and Where Do Gadgets Cross the Line into Fashion Accessory Territory?

You may have ordered number of accessories for your cell phone lately. While doing so, you may have taken a moment to reflect on the “fashion-ability” of these items. Like every other gadget that starts life as a purely functional implement, the humble cell phone case has ultimately evolved into a genuine fashion accessory. In some cases, it could even be considered as a genuine work of art.

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5 Important Tips to Run a Successful Online Business

In this day and age you don’t even need a business to have physical premises to be successful. Your website is your storefront. Your product pages your shelves. Everything can be done through virtual space. Look at companies like Amazon, then others like Uber. All have made huge world dominating companies that operate only in the online space. There’s no reason you can’t follow suit. No reason you can’t emulate huge success stories and forge your own path in the online world. That’s not to say it is easy. In fact, running an online business is extremely hard and taxing.

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