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How can Freight Factoring Help to Keep Your Trucking Business Viable

Everyone knows that money can get in the way of any relationship — and that means business relationships can be compromised when money issues arise. Small, midsize, and even large business owners understand that maintaining sound relationships with customers and vendors is of the utmost importance. To avoid compromising these relationships you will need to manage your cash flow, and this takes a great deal of diplomacy and tact.

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How to Boost Your Business with the Help of Third Party Logistics

When it comes to choosing a reliable and dependable Third-Party Logistics Company (3PL), there are many ways that they can help to improve and grow your business. Choosing a company that understands your business will help you to achieve your goals, and you can get some excellent insight online into the potential benefits it can offer. Working with a quality 3PL company will allow you to focus on the growth of the business, while they take care of the logistics.

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8 Money-Saving Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Are you in the initial stage of your business? Then you should have the ability to manage your finances very well otherwise it will become almost impossible for you to climb the stairs of success in your business. You have to build a strong financial base because if you’re dealing with a small business now then depending on someone else for financial support is something that will pull you down.

Moreover, though you’re in the novice stage now still it’s essential that you behave like an expert as far as finances are concerned. You should be able to save huge bucks, but at the same time, you need to spend at the right place so that you can end up getting the best out of everything in the most frugal way.

Wondering how to avoid breaking your banks? Well, I am here with a list of # ways through which you can save your pocket like never before while letting your business grow to a great extent.

Just explore the following points:

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Mac vs. PC – Which Platform Should Your Small Business Choose

Mac or PC? This age-old question is something entrepreneurs consider carefully, as the choice of one over the other can influence the success of their business. After thorough deliberation, the odds weigh in Apple’s favor, as more business professionals are choosing Mac over its Windows alternative.

In March of this year, JAMF released its Annual JAMF Trends Survey, which asked 300 IT professionals about the platforms their places of work support. The results showed Apple scored higher than Windows, with 91% of responders reporting their teams support Mac and 99% support iPhones. The study cited Apple’s user-friendly interface and customer service as the reason why the majority of those surveyed say it’s easier to support Macs.

How did this happen? If you recall the Mac vs PC commercials of the early noughties, Mac admits PC is better at spreadsheets and other business applications.

A lot has changed in the last decade. Let’s delve into the reasons why Mac often beats out the PC when it comes to business.

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Prepare for Vehicle Air Quality Clean-up Plan by 2040

In July, the government announced a plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel by 2040 to clean up the air quality in the UK. This news follows in the footsteps of some of our neighbouring countries who also plan for an all-electric nation in the future. Norway plan to stop the sales of petrol and diesel by 2025 and Germany by 2030, with France working towards the same target as the UK.

But how does the UK plan to hit their 2040 plan? The UK has already witnessed a significant increase in the sale of new electric and hybrid vehicles, with the first seven months of 2017 seeing over 107,000 new electric cars registered compared with just 3,500 registrations in the whole of 2013 – but how can the UK guarantee the continuous growth of electric vehicles, and a decline in petrol and diesel?

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Recent Changes in Life Insurance Strategies and Policies

The world is always changing, and some of those changes affect you more than others. One of those changes comes in the form of life insurance policies. If you have a life insurance policy or plan on getting one, there are a few things that you should know about the present and future.

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Create an Affordable, Customized Health Insurance Plan in Less Than 20 Minutes

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One of the biggest concerns for small business owners is providing health insurance to their employees. Not only does it cost significant money to provide health insurance, but it is also a very complex and cumbersome process that a majority of small business owners do not want to deal with. Fortunately, there is a way for them to create a customized plan that is affordable and easy to understand at the same time as we discussed in the previous post. The customized plan offered by UnitedHealthcare can alleviate many of the concerns small business owners have about providing health insurance. In this article we will show the step-by-step process of selecting the plan.

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Benefits of Supply Chain Management in Modern Businesses

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a vital part of every business, whether large or small. SCM is the active management of the entire supply chain activities that maximize customer value. It deals with the movement of raw materials needed to create a product, inventory management, storage of materials and keeping track of finished goods from where they were processed to the consumers’ destination. Other areas that SCM is interrelated to are procurement, logistics and information technology. Companies should use strategic Supply Chain Management, to optimize the distribution of various products and materials.

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5 Personal Reasons Why Your Small Business Could Fail

When it comes to running a small business, there’s no easy day to day task that can be completed to ensure it’s a success. With more and more competition out there in various industries, it’s making it even harder for small businesses to make a name for themselves. It’s not all to do with the competition, though, and sometimes it’s the small business owners who lack the experience and knowledge to take their business forward. Here are a few of the personal reasons why you could fail your small business.

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Do You Know What to Do if Your Fleet Truck is Involved in an Accident?

Fleets have to prepare for a serious accident and should be ready for any event, right from top management down to dispatchers and drivers. The immediate actions of drivers and other personnel of a company following an accident can result to either losing or winning a lawsuit. The key is proper training and proper preparation. Here are the various steps drivers should take when they are involved in a truck accident.

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