Infographic: 5 Ways Unified Communications Can Benefit Your Employees

Unified Communication
With many businesses beginning to embrace the remote work movement, it is more important than ever to establish a unified communications strategy to benefit not only companies, but also their employees. Implementing UC tools ensures that employees receive all pertinent information, regardless of where they are physically located. This helps take the pressure off of business leaders who can guarantee that employees are performing efficiently and successfully thanks to these newly implemented tools. In addition, business leaders can more easily expand their business while still keeping their communications reliable through their UC system. With this tool, employees can continue to collaborate regardless of their location, promoting a team mentality as well as a centralized communication strategy. For more information on how unified communications can benefit both businesses and their employees, check out the infographic below:

5 Ways Unified Communications Can Benefit Your Employees


Graphics provided by: ShoreTel

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  1. Unified Comms is growing and in some countries, where regulations allow, UC as a Service is taking hold too. Often UC is assumed to be only for Mid and Large Enterprises (MLE) where there are multiple locations and more than the 30 odd users.

    I believe that Unified Comms or a flavor is for Small and Medium Businesses too. The OpenTouch Suite for SMB ( offers a flavor of UC specially tuned for SMBs.