How to Make the Biggest Splash at Your First Trade Show

Trade Show
Make a splash – Where does this phrase come from? Think about when someone jumps into a swimming pool or off a diving board. Immediately, all eyes are drawn to them. People are attracted to the noise, the movement, energy and power. They become fascinated by who caused this change in events and that’s exactly what you want when you attend a trade show. You need all eyes to be on you, wondering what your company is and where it came from. It doesn’t take a genius to know this is based on how well you can market your business. But what type of marketing? That’s the question we plan to answer on this post.


The first thing that you should consider is premarketing. You may want to promote your business before the trade show. You could buy billboard space around transportation links near the event. These are sure to catch the eyes of anyone coming into the city. You’ll get the attention of a lot of investors before the games even begin. By doing this, you will certainly get the upper hand and it is something you should consider.

You might also want to consider investing in some online marketing. If they search your business name, they should immediately find your company website. You can only do this by using SEO. Recruit an SEO company to ensure your business is easily found with a quick Google search.

At the Trade Show

Obviously the biggest thing that you need to focus on when attending the trade show is the stall and stand. You need this to catch the attention of everyone in the hall or building. It must be creatively designed and be attractive as well as unique. An exhibition stand design company can make both these needs a reality. You won’t have to worry about designing it yourself if you hire an expert team. You should guide the team though and tell them exactly what you want. We imagine you should be thinking about making it interactive and dynamic. As well as this it needs to look modern and professional. If you tick all these boxes, you are sure to draw the crowds in.

Holding On

You should try to give the investors something to hold onto and take back to their hotel rooms. Don’t forget that these investors will be viewing a lot of different businesses in one day. You need to make sure that yours is the one they remember over the rest. You can guarantee that this is the case by investing in personalised merchandise. Personalised merchandise could just be pens, rulers or anything that has your company name or logo on. This will also help to make your company look both professional and successful. But actually, you’ll find this service is quite cheap online.

Be Confident
Our final tip is to be confident about the product you are selling and your new business. You need investors to think that you have no doubt your company is going to be a success. Remember, you are selling a product as well as your company and, in some ways, yourself.

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