Why You Need a Lawyer for a Drunk Driving Charge

Drunk driving is a consequential crime in nearly every country. Across the United States, the Driving Under the Influence law doesn’t even require that you be intoxicated or drunk to be found culpable of DUI charges.

Instead, what the laws measure is your competency to operate a vehicle by establishing whether you are physically or mentally impaired to do so depending on whether you have exceeded the blood alcohol level limit. Today in all states across the US, the limit for blood alcohol is now .08%.

The Benefits of a DUI Lawyer

Simply because you have been arrested and subsequently charged with an offense related to drunk driving, never assume that an automatic conviction will follow.

Sometimes many people think that cases of DUI are cut and dried yet the truth is far from that. This is also a criminal charge and similar to any other crime when you are charged with a DUI, you are presumed innocent until the court proves you guilty.

Getting a lawyer to help with your DUI charge has many benefits. The main one that comes with engaging a drunk driving lawyer is that they fully understand the DUI rules and the consequences for you.

  1. They Are Familiar with DUI Cases

A DUI attorney will in all probability know the key legal players involved in the case prosecution, all the way from the local traffic officer to the judge. More importantly, they know the case prosecutor on a professional level and perhaps even have a good working relationship.

Finding a DUI lawyer in your area can be advantageous. Such a lawyer will obviously be quite familiar with most, if not all the local legal procedures and any new laws. After all, they have been handling cases in your state for many years.

According to the Doan Law personal injury lawyers, a reputable legal firm with experienced lawyers will even offer you a free case evaluation if your DUI case is one of the areas covered, and that might prove critical towards getting you the best outcome.

  1. Better Chances for You

Recent survey results by Martindale-Nolo revealed that a majority of DUI defendants that engage private lawyers got convicted of some type of DUI, whether this was a plea bargain or a court conviction following trial.

However, the percentage (65%) that was convicted was the lowest for those who engaged private lawyers. Charges were never filed or were dismissed for another 12% while 1% got acquitted following a trial.

The most notable figure was that 22% of those who engaged private lawyers managed to plea bargain for lesser offenses that were non-DUI.

  1. Reduction in Jail Time/Fines

Attorneys are typically excellent negotiators. Even if found guilty, your counsel possesses the legal knowledge and expertise necessary to get you a lesser conviction. A DUI offense will immediately revoke your driving license.

Also, an experienced DUI lawyer can present your case to the motor vehicle department in your state on any hearings on license suspension. They know what defense lines carry more weight, which one is weak, and they can present your case more persuasively and effectively than you can.

No matter the state in the United States, a DUI conviction is powerful enough to ruin your entire career or life. The severe criminal and administrative penalties make hiring a good DUI attorney very important. As soon as you are charged, get in touch with a qualified DUI defense lawyer to ensure that you will get the best criminal legal defense.

Remember that a lawyer that exclusively handles DUI/DWI cases knows the court system very well as well as the best defense strategy for your case.

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