Don’t Let Your Business Struggle When an Employee Takes Time Off

It can leave you worrying about your company when a vital member of staff needs to take a significant amount of time off work. Whether it’s for maternity leave, or they have come down with a serious illness, it can leave you panicking how your company will cover the time off. After all, everyone plays a major role in your small company. However, it doesn’t have to be a disaster for your business. Here are some ways you can ensure your business doesn’t struggle when an employee takes time off.

Talk to your other employees about taking on extra work

Before you even consider hiring anyone else for your business, it’s worth chatting to the staff members you already have. Explain the situation and the work that will be available. You might find that you have an employee who would be willing to take on extra work. After all, they might require the extra hours if they are saving for a major life event. Therefore, it will save you hiring another person on a temp basis who could affect your team. Just make sure they aren’t overworked. After all, you don’t want to find they wear themselves out! It might be the case you find everyone will take on a little bit extra for a short period. With everyone pulling their weight, you might be able to cover the loss of the missing member of staff!

Hire someone for a temp or interim period

With everyone having a lot of work to do, it might not be possible to cover the employee. But you don’t want to hire another full-time member of staff. After all, it’s likely you are already still paying for the member of staff who’s off. So you might not be able to afford another permanent employee. Therefore, you might want to consider hiring someone on a temp or interim basis. After all, this means they will come and work for you just for a specific amount of time. And they can be flexible with their contract if your proper member of staff needs more or less time off. You can find these staff members through companies like an interim HR company. They offer an excellent service when you have a gap in the team due to sickness or maternity leave. And it can ensure your business doesn’t struggle when you have a member off!

Look into getting a work experience student

It’s often the case that you can’t afford to take anyone else on when you are already missing members of staff. But one way you can get an extra pair of hands without paying out a small fortune is by hiring a work experience student. You can then get a fresh pair of hands to help your company out without having to employ another member of staff. If they are currently at university, they will love to come and help you out for a month or so. After all, it can give them valid experience they need to help them with your course. And it will ensure your company doesn’t go under while you are missing staff members!

And remember you can look online for freelancers. After all, if it’s just one or two jobs you need help with, you can find someone to do it for a low price!