3 Ways You Can Improve Business’ Professional Image with Customer

Are you the kind of business that interacts with customers or clients face to face? Maybe you run a physical shop or have a sales team that goes out on the road to present to clients. Either way, if you’re interacting with people in any way you need to ensure you’re making a good impression. It goes without saying that you should always be on time and polite, but there are other ways to that allow you to look smart and professional. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Uniform

Having a uniform or dress code is useful, especially when you’re dealing with people face to face. If you run a shop, a uniform helps employees to stand out meaning if a customer needs help it’s easy to locate a member of staff. Places like https://www.clothes2order.com/pages/Personalised-Workwear/ sell uniform, and you can have them custom embroidered with your company’s name or logo. If you work in an office or have a sales team, enforcing a dress code is a good way to go. Smart clothing as well as a smart general appearance is important. For example, you could specify that hair and facial hair must be clean and well groomed. That facial piercings must be removed, and that hair must be worn in a natural style or color. While individuality is important in day to day life, when your employees are at work they are representing your business, not themselves. When hiring people, make it clear that they’re aware of the dress code, so they have the chance to turn down the job if they don’t consent to this. Wacky hair, facial piercings and lots of visible tattoos are still not accepted in many professional workplaces so don’t be afraid to make a certain dress code policy.

  1. ID Badges

Another useful addition for employees in some businesses is to wear name badges. This helps to make customers shopping experience more personal, it also helps them to pinpoint who they were served by in case an issue crops up later down the line. If your employees are out on the road, perhaps canvassing door to door, an ID badge lets residents know that they’re from a legitimate company. People can be wary of scams and other criminal issues, having an ID badge gives them something they can call up and check if needed. Sites like www.dynamicgift.com.au/lanyards even offer custom lanyards to hold the ID badge which helps to maintain your professional image. If you’re in contact with customers, these could be options to consider.

  1. Car Magnets

Another tip if you have traveling salespeople is to use car magnets like https://www.signs.com/magnets. These securely attach to any vehicle but can just as easily be taken off without any sticky glue or mess. If they use their own car to get around, this is the perfect option as they can simply be removed at the end of the day. Car magnets are inexpensive to buy, and not only do they help get your company name out there when your workers are on the road, but they make you look more professional too.

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