Infographic: Your Guide to Allocating Marketing Budget

If you’re in charge of the marketing budget for your brand, allocating funds might seem tricky. Each year different trends can be observed, and it’s not always easy to identify the best ways to spend your budget. Before you decide where the money will go, you need to remember that every brand is different. With that in mind, here are some ways you might want to spend your money.

Software and Marketing Tools

One person alone, or even several people, can’t run a marketing campaign without some help. Various software and marketing tools can be helpful to make things run smoother. From analytics tools to automation, you need to let technology do some of the hard work.

Paid Ads and Promotion

While there are some “free” methods of promoting your brand, you can’t ignore that paid methods. Paid advertising such as pay-per-click or promoted content on social media helps you to reach a larger and more targeted audience.

Video Marketing

Different types of content can be useful for different things. Written content such as blog posts and eBooks have been prominent over the last few years, but other types of content are important too. Video and interactive content are beginning to get more attention, and you shouldn’t ignore them if you want to create a diverse marketing strategy.


SEO isn’t going to go anywhere. It needs to be a focus for your marketing efforts, and it’s where many companies spend a large portion of their marketing budgets. An effective SEO strategy can get you the results you need.


Marketing Budget Allocation


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