How to Present Your Business with the ‘Wow Factor’

How many business presentations do you see in a year? Unless you’re intimately connected with the world of business, write for business journals or have a vested interest in a certain industry, it’s likely that you don’t attend them. If one is happening in your area and proves to be a spectacle, you might attend one, but you’d never plan a day out to relax at a business conference.

Viewing this fact as someone who is about to throw one of these events is healthy to think about. Not only will it help you overcome some of the ‘drudgery’ associated with business presentations, but it will let you view the whole affair from the angle ‘if I was an audience member, what would I like to see? What would bring me through those doors?’

Remember, you may have been working on your business plan for the last year and your product for last three, but it will only be you who possesses that intimate connection to your working plans. Everyone else must be sold on it to care in the first place. This is likely your intended goal, so we’d like to consider some constructive tips to showing your business with no small amount of ‘WOW factor.’


Your presentation must be beautifully lit for it to hold the gaze of every member of the audience, even those who have seen you rehearse your presentation hundreds of times. This can help your product or service seem mysterious, ethereal, robust, engaging and like it arrives from a world where products are better and always worth purchasing. This last point sounds sarcastic, but in essence, it isn’t. Potential consumers want to believe that your product is a wonderful idea.

They want to get excited about it. For that reason, you should consider your stage to be less of a conference, and more of a theatrical affair. LED stage effects can imbue your presentation with the stunning detail it needs to truly look wonderful and worthy of a purchase. They can be used to highlight certain areas, keep certain parts of the stage mysterious, as well as add wholesomely to the performance presence of your corporate ‘preaching.’


It’s all very well to imbue your presentation with the very best of practical effects. You can bring in jugglers, trapeze artists, magicians and the most perfect and graceful dancers, but if your show isn’t well rehearsed, and the content of your presentation isn’t tightly run, you will look unprofessional to your audience. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

You should consider this to be a ‘play’ of sorts, except instead of weaving a narrative for your audience, your expressions will be anchored in business fact and product hype. You should embellish the story of your firm, even if you’re in the most humble of its developmental stages. You should make the audience believe that they want to follow your firm’s story so that they can also feel a part of it. If you’re having trouble writing the narrative of your firm presentation, consider hiring a marketing scriptwriter to help you iron out the kinks, and use focus groups to see the exhibition blind before you give it on the night.

After you have marketed the event and have made a massive effort to bring people in, you want to make sure that you execute the show as flawlessly as you can, and this is your chance to.

With these humble tips, your presentation is sure to be a wonderful and memorable experience.