Should You Work from Home If You Have Bad Credit?

You’ve done your research and you think you’re cut out to be a home worker. You want the flexibility and you’re prepared for the uncertainty and hard work that comes as part of the package. Only one thing is stopping you making the jump: your debts and your credit score. If your finances are shaky then walking away from a steady pay-check can be very scary. However, working from home is not only doable with debts and poor credit, it can even be advantageous too. Here are some tips.

Your salary isn’t the limit

It can be extremely hard to pay off debt if you are working on a meager salary with low chance of it improving. If you have a full-time job you are limited by your salary but when you go freelance, you are in control. If you want to put in a 60-hour work week to pay off more debt in time for Christmas, you go ahead.


One of the biggest worries both freelancers and people with poor credit worry about is how they will get a roof over their heads. Luckily, although not having a predictable salary can make things harder, there are options for renting without a steady paycheck. Instead of presenting your steady salary, show your prospective your freelance contracts, last year’s tax forms, your child support… Anything that shows income can be a bargaining chip and there is legislation that forbids discrimination against different forms of income in some states. As a freelancer, you probably have great negotiation and people skills so try talking to your prospective landlord and explaining your employment situation and the reasons for your debt in more detail.

Improving your credit

Although it is possible to work from home with bad credit, you should probably also take steps to improve it. There are many things you can do to improve your credit score. First, get a hold of your credit report. Make sure to pay your bills on time and give more than the minimum payment if you can. Try to borrow a smaller percentage on your cards – if you can stick under 50% of your limit that looks good. Hop over to this website to learn more about how your credit score is calculated and more advice on how to improve it.

Whether you choose to become a homeworker with debt or poor credit is a choice only you can make. It is certainly possible with hard work and good planning. Have a careful look at your situation and decide whether it is right for you.