5 Important Finance Tips for Small Businesses

Whether you are taking your very first entrepreneurial steps towards owning a business or you are an experienced businessperson who knows all the tricks of the trade, it is always beneficial to receive some sound financial advice no matter what stage of the business you are in.

The economy constantly changes, and it can quite literally pay to be knowledgeable about the latest finance news and how it could potentially impact your business. For example, fluctuations in the exchange rate or new regulations with cost implications that are due to be introduced to your area of work could greatly change your business. Therefore, keeping tabs on these sort of information will help you to plan for your financial future more accurately.

Here are a few tips that you can consider employing to keep your profit margins looking healthy:

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Leasing vs. Buying Premises – Which Option is Right for Your Business?

Any business person who is making decent business will need to make a decision about moving his garage operation to a legitimate business premise. Making this decision is no small task. There are numerous factors you need to consider before moving ahead. The biggest decision that need to be made is whether to lease or purchase the business premise. Each has its pros and cons, which makes it very difficult to make the decision. The best answer anyone can give is it depends on your situation. Here are some tips to can consider to come up with a decision that suits your needs.

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9 Creative Ways to Save Money in Small Business

As the owner of a small business, you’re probably already aware of how important it is to keep cost under control. After all, as the saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned! No matter what your line of business is, there are some cost-cutting and money-saving tricks you can use to help you to build up that all-important financial buffer. Here are some of the easier ones.

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How Can Small Businesses Get Bank Loans Even with Poor Credit

You can have the worst credit in the world and still secure a loan. The question is whether or not you want to. Well, there may be very good reason to get that loan; you just need to know what you’re getting into. The way bad credit loans work is that interest becomes exceptionally high. It’s hard to find fixed-interest loans with poor credit.

If you’ve got an opportunity as a small business which can sustain the burden of a high interest loan, then good for you! But if you don’t, you’ve got to be careful. Here’s how interest looks on a bad credit loan. You can expect between 10% and 36% compounded on a monthly basis; and that’s on the “low end” of high interest loan options.

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The Key to Successful Property Investment – Research

A great way to invest your money, or the money of your business is to invest your money into a real estate portfolio. The benefits of investing in real estate are varied, but it is primarily about return. You rent a site out to a tenant, and you get a return each month in the form of rent that goes a long way towards paying off the mortgage of the property (if one exists). Lots of people prefer to invest in real estate as it is a tangible asset and with the money involved in most businesses, it is easy to develop a real estate portfolio in no time at all.

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Intelligent Investments: How to Maximize Your Real Estate Returns

Supplementing your primary salary with additional revenue streams is more important than ever. After all, we’re living longer, which means our retirement pensions will need to work harder while the cost of living swells at a rapid rate too. Investing your savings in the smartest possible manner could make a world of difference to your financial future. For most investors with the necessary capital, dealing in property is the most attractive prospect.

Real estate investments are appealing for many reasons. For starters, the demand for properties ensures that making money from this arena will always be possible. Moreover, the versatility of this environment offers investors the chance to do things on their own terms too. Whichever route you take, however, it’s imperative that you give yourself the best chance of success. Use these seven tips to guide you, and that will not be a problem.

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3 Great Ways to Supplement Business Income

Being an entrepreneur comes with number of benefits as well as drawbacks. One of the big drawbacks is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be financially unstable every now and then. Many entrepreneurs, particularly those who are just starting out, find themselves in need of supplementing their business’ cash flow with side operations. If you’re a little worried about the way money is moving through your business, here are a few ways to supplement the company’s income and get some piece of mind.

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Infographic: Using Micro Investment to Grow Savings

There are two mindsets with business owners when it comes to finance. Either it is a top priority or it barely registers on their radar. Neither are completely right. If you spend too much time worrying about money, you’re going to let things slide in other areas. But, if you don’t keep your accounts in the green then your business will quickly end up in a lot of trouble. So, what’s the solution? You need to manage finances while keeping things simple enough that you don’t have to spend all your time worrying.

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How to Choose a Credit Card Processing Company

If your small business wants to start accepting debit and credit cards, you need to have a good credit card processing company to accept them. Although you will have to pay some recurring credit card processing fees and upfront costs, this can lead to a big boost in sales. Choosing a company to handle this for you is not an easy job.

Just as with other major financial decisions, it is wise to compare the benefits and drawbacks of all options before you make up your mind. Here are some factors that you need to consider:

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The History of Currency – What is a Denarius Worth?

During Roman times, there was a period when a denarius was worth about a day’s wages. By today’s numbers, the quotient of silver contained in a denarius is worth about $3.62. That may not seem like much, but as it turns out, $3.62 in value held a lot more weight several thousand years ago.

Hyperinflation has led to a difference in values. What’s interesting about the Denarius today, however, is that it is worth much more than the $3.62 in silver, depending. Check this Google shopping page out. Some of those coins will go for $900+ today. What has changed? Would anyone say a day’s wages in Roman times was worth $900 by today’s reckoning?

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