Updating Your Digital Marketing Strategy For 2017

A good marketing strategy relies on constant review and reevaluation. Especially in the digital world we live in, where technology and trends change instantly, it’s important for marketers to always have their fingers on the pulse of their customer base and make the necessary changes in order to remain relevant.

While it may seem overwhelming to have to constantly change with the times, digital marketing has also supplied a range of easy to use tools to help. Analytics are readily available to show you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong in real time. This makes it easy to evaluate your marketing strategy any time, and you should be doing this regularly.

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How to Create the Best Image for Your Business

Starting a new business is an exciting time for any entrepreneur, and no matter how big, or small, your business is it is important that you create a professional image. You can read an interesting article on the sitepoint.com website which gives an overall view of how to build and maintain the correct image of your business. It is often attention to detail which can assist you in creating your image, and with some creativity and hard work you will be able to control how your customers perceive your business.

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3 Effective Methods to Master Your Marketing Strategy

The concept of appealing to customers is a major headache for small businesses, and as the amount of competition increases, people are trying to think of wilder ways to appeal to as broad a customer base as possible. The practice of marketing is something that can be fine-tuned over a period of time, but if you are looking to gain some traction as soon as possible and get as much internet traffic to your site as you can, you would be hard pushed to find anything better than these simple, yet effective methods.

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3 Psychology Principles You Can Use to Improve Social Media Marketing

If you’re a business owner in the modern climate you must now engage with your audience on all fronts, and today that is primarily through the most popular social media platforms. The wars for your customers’ eyes, ears and minds are less fought on billboards and magazine spaces these days, those work too, but the overwhelming majority of connectivity you can establish with prospective clients is through persistent social media profiles.

More than one billion people actively use a social media account every day as of February 2017. If you neglect this, you are currently missing out on potentially exposing your brand to 1/7th of the human population. You see the problem.

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Building A Marketing Plan That Wins

Every good business should have a sound marketing plan. That involves a sturdy website, well-run social media channels and of course, the intention to get the name of your business out there and known. How can any business sell its great products or fantastic services without people knowing about them? What’s more, the smaller the business – the bigger the effect that marketing has. Why is that? Well people already know about Apple, Coca-Cola and Google – but they might not know about you. Marketing works and if your name isn’t known, it will be with solid marketing efforts.

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How Publishing Great Content Can Help Grow Your Business

Whether you’re simply writing blog posts to bring attention to your own writing, or you’re writing blogs for a website in order to promote your business, the quality of the content you’re creating should be high. In fact, this quality is something you should always aim to improve. Check out these tips – they’ll help you craft better content in no time!

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Driving Customer Loyalty Through Social Media Interaction

Consumers now, more than ever, are looking for more than just product from companies they frequent or brands they enjoy.  Beyond simply being provided a service or goods, they are seeking a personal connection.  They aren’t likely to remember every point along the way; only interactions that produced positive emotions and experiences.  Customers want a peek behind the curtain, opportunities to build trust where they already invest monetarily.  At its core, customer loyalty is about emotion and social media provides many opportunities, through both word and deed, to interact and connect.

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4 Unusual but Proven Ways to Market Your Business

Every company knows that they have to dedicate a large chunk of their budget and time to ensuring they have a killer marketing plan that will create enough buzz about their company that they’ll finally be able to take off. However, while companies want the big pay offs, they’re sometimes less than willing to take a few risks in order to get it. Indeed, many companies end up just following the prescribed, tried and tested marketing tactics that will work, but which are unlikely to really make a bold statement or yield unexpected returns. That’s why it’s important to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing and doing something is unusual every now and again. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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5 Keys to a Successful Trade Show for Small Businesses

Small business success is rarely easy. It can be challenging to build your brand with limited resources, but one simple way to get increased exposure for your business is to attend trade shows.

An industry trade show provides many benefits: it helps you increase your customer base, build relationships with other small business owners, connect with vendors, and introduce your product line to the public.

Since trade shows can be expensive, as well as labor intensive, the trick to getting a great return on your investment is to prepare well ahead of time. You need a clear idea of how you plan to set up your table or your custom pop up tent and a good strategy on how to engage visitors when they visit.

Here are 5 suggestions on how to do well with trade shows:

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How to Reclaim Lost Business Mojo through Digital Marketing

As a small or medium sized business, you probably have never pictured yourself as capable of competing with big companies with entire marketing departments and million dollar budgets. When business gets slow, you struggle to keep your head above water and riding the waves of success feels like a long way off.

Digital marketing has changed the playing field for everyone, but especially for small to medium sized businesses who can now compete and grow in ways that they weren’t previously able to. Everything from cost to customer interaction is different online, and these changes work in a way where if you have a strong digital strategy placed in capable and professional hands, your small business will be able to able to compete in a big way.

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