How to Make Sure Your Marketing Efforts Are Heading In the Right Direction

Marketing Direction
To someone who’s new to small business, marketing can be a fairly confusing part of it. It can be hard to tell what works and why it works. You might feel like you’re shooting blindly and hoping for results. Naturally, if you are to succeed in managing the business, that’s not going to cut it. So in this article, we’re going to help clear things up for you. To help you understand what works and how you can actually make sure it’s working.

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Does Physical Presence Have Any Room in Today’s Digital World?

In today’s age, everywhere you turn, you see the push toward digital marketing and advertising. Web browsers use complex algorithms and tracking software to tailor your ads to your personal tastes. Your inbox fills with solicitations, and your social media accounts get banners, updates, and other ads.

Electronic retailing is just as ubiquitous. We buy and sell online, reserve hotels and plane tickets, and review the goods and services we use, all without ever touching a piece of paper.

To see all this virtual commerce, you would think that’s the only way business is done anymore. But you would be very, very wrong.

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What to Consider When Designing a Marketing Banner

Marketing Banner
If you plan on attending a business event or you want to increase your brand awareness, you should consider investing in marketing banners. Designing a banner takes more than just putting a logo and catchy slogan on it. There are number of nuances you need to consider when designing a marketing banner. What colours should you use and should they have an image or text or both? You can choose to get your banners designed by a professional company or you can design them yourself and if you choose the latter, you will need to make sure you can produce a high resolution image that is clear and of a high quality.

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10 Most Unusual Ways to Promote Your Business

When companies form, they instantly think about how they can market their brand. You won’t be any different because you need to advertise to sell products and make money. That is how the industry works. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can deviate from the norm by choosing different marketing techniques. The ‘experts’ will try and tell you that there are only a few ways to ensure that you effectively market your brand, but they are wrong.

There are hundreds of ways to market your brand if you know where to look. In fact, there are several unusual ways to market your brand. And, these are the ones that you want to concentrate on if you want to make a splash. The great thing about the weird and wonderful world of marketing is that it is new and fresh. Unlike the tried and tested methods, consumers aren’t wise to them, which makes them more effective.

If you are a non-believer, here are ten methods you can try that will transform your marketing strategy.

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Business Lead Generation Tools for Small Business

Lead Generation
In a perfect world customers would just come to us and we wouldn’t have to bother with advertising, marketing or all the other methods there are of generating business leads. This, unfortunately, isn’t even an option. However with the choice of business lead tools readily available online it’s easier than ever. Whether you choose automatic tools in the form of software or hit social media these generate all the information to the people we need to receive them. They have fast become one of the most valuable aspects in terms of getting the message out there and giving businesses the best possible chance of success. Here is a brief synopsis of the some of the best business lead tools on the market and what they each bring to the table.

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Advertising-on-Hold: A Sure-Fire Way to Convert More Customers

Customer on Hold
When was the last time someone stared at a banner ad for a whole minute? What about listened to a YouTube ad for a minute without pressing ‘Skip’?

Now, what if we told you there was a way not only to capture your potential customers’ attention for that full sixty seconds, but for them to appreciate you doing it?

There is. It’s called advertising-on-hold.

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Changes to Google’s Local Search Results and Its Impact on PPC Advertising for Small Business

If you are running a business with a physical ‘brick and mortar’ location, it is important that you get good search engine results when someone looks for the kind of thing you offer in your area. Unlike businesses who can sell to anyone in the country or even the world regardless of their own location, businesses like restaurants, small retailers, salons and clinics need people in their area to be able to find them, and don’t necessarily benefit from being found in searches by anybody else.

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Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Always the Answer for Small Business

Social Media
Social media marketing gets a lot of attention in the business world. With Facebook expanding to over a billion users and Pinterest traffic growing and growing it is easy to believe that all marketing is online these days. This is just not true.

When thinking about other forms of marketing to promote a business, it’s a good idea to consider what type of marketing suits the business best. Where are the potential customers hanging out? What do they read? What do they look at? Where do their interests lie? Position the business in the right locations and it doesn’t have to be too expensive once one gets creative.

Here are some ideas on how to use forms of marketing other than social media to promote a business:

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How to Select the Perfect Roller Banner Display for Trade Show

Roller Banner
In order to have an effective, eye-catching roller banner to display at your next event you need to design artwork for the banner that makes people take notice. Putting together a stand-out banner can be a daunting prospect if you do not have any design experience, but fortunately it is not actually difficult to make something interesting and creative for your stand. Here are some tips for designing a great roller banner, and how to create something that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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How to Make Positive First Impression of Your Business with Attractive Signage

You’re taking the plunge and opening up your own restaurant. You’ve planned all of the details, from the décor to your menu and advertising. You’ll be ready to open your doors soon, but you have one more item that you need to take care of before the grand opening. Restaurant signage needs to come at the top of your list. Your sign will be the beacon that draws customers into your establishment. Once you’ve hooked your patrons, your food and setting will take care of the rest. It all begins with a sign.

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