4 Tips for Comparing Prospective Occupations for Career Change

So, you’re currently in the process of trying to decide which job or career path you’re going to pursue in the near future. Usually, you’ll have more than a couple of options to consider, but the abundance of possibilities can have the adverse effect of making the comparison even more difficult. Choosing the wrong job can create negative moods and emotions like regret, which is a feeling that you don’t want to live with after you’ve committed yourself to a specific position. Fortunately, by heeding the following tips you can break down the comparison to truly determine which occupation would be the most ideal for your desired lifestyle:

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7 Actions You Must Take to Stand Out in Your Chosen Career

You’ve put in your resume, done the rounds of interviews, and finally secured your dream job. Getting hired is only the first part of your career journey. In order to make it to the top, you need to create a good impression and set yourself apart from your colleagues. Here are 7 effective ways to stand out in your chosen career.

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Infographic: Fight the World’s Greatest Enemy in Your New Job

Well, first let’s think about who or rather, what the greatest enemy is. We think, out of the worst things in the world, cancer certainly takes the top spot. It’s believed that around one out of two people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lifetime. While many of these cases will lead to recovery, others will ultimately be fatal. If you are looking for a new career you can thinking about joining the battle against cancer. You can do this by working in the medical industry.

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The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing Careers

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Video marketing has recently exploded onto the digital marketing scene. More and more people go online to help them learn about business offerings in their area of interest, and they are increasingly looking to videos to give them the information and experiences they need.

According to Adobe’s CMO.com, 50 percent of all mobile traffic currently comes from online video consumption. They also assert that 100 million internet users watch online video at least once a day, and that the average user will be exposed to 32.2 videos in a single month.

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A Complete Guide to Career in Market Research

Market Research
Market research as a career can be somewhat of a mystery to many people. Ask anyone what a market research analyst is and what they do, and you’ll get a different answer every time. They have a vague notion of these people calling on people to take a survey or ask questions and determine what people like and are likely to buy. However, this is a very limited view of what market research profession is about. It takes more than just asking people about their likes to be a market research analyst. Below you will find answers to many questions on market research – what it really means to be an analyst and why they do it.

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd in Job Interview

Crowd Standout
It is difficult to differentiate yourself from hundred other candidates when applying for a job. Even if you manage to get an interview you only have 30 minutes to make a lasting impression on the prospective employers. Not only do you have to come prepared, but you also need to make sure you use those 30 minutes wisely to showcase your talent, experience and knowledge to get that ultimate call for job offer. So how can you stand out from the crowd of hundred job applicants and secure your place with the employer. Here are four tips to help you.

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