From the Past to the Present: Summerville, SC is a Great Place to Live

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Planning a move to a new location can often bring a long list of questions. But the biggest (and possibly most central) question for you to answer is – what about this city or town will feel like home and will make you want to live there for the rest of your life? If you are considering moving to Summerville, there are new home communities (like The Ponds) that are ready to welcome you in and give you a reason to stay.

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How to Choose the Right Pest Control Company

Pest Control
Pests are those nasty unwanted guests that just keep staying in your house no matter how hard you try to evict them. How many times have you been trying in vain to get rid of ants, bedbugs, mice, rats and fleas in your house? You may be able to get rid of them for a while, but they will just keep coming back. Instead of losing time trying to find a workable solution for your unwanted pests, you should start looking for a pest control service. Why? Because they will only get paid when your pest problem is eliminated. Therefore, you no longer have to go through the frustration of going through trials and errors without success. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a pest control service?

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Importance of Employee Physical Well Being in the Office

Office Ergonomics
How do you run a successful office environment? Well, as the old saying goes, a happy employee is a productive employee, something that is all too often overlooked by employers trying to get the most bang for their buck. Recently, trends in more forward-looking companies are moving away from long, rigid work days and more towards making employees comfortable so that they can produce the best work possible. One crucial part of this is ensuring that health problems caused by the office workplace are minimized – after all, it doesn’t make sense to have employees off sick because of issues that could have been prevented. Here’s a few things to think about in terms of improving physical workplace well-being.

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The Benefits of having a Serviced Office in New Zealand

Owning a business can be hard work, especially when you are trying to grow that business. The New Zealand economy was voted the easiest place to start a business in 2015 by the World Bank Survey. The World Bank Survey ranks 189 economies against several indicators, not only was New Zealand ranked number one for ease of starting a new business, but it was also ranked second in terms of being one of the easiest country to do business in.

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Does Open Office Environment Really Work in Business?

Highly Flexible Open Layout
Open office environment has been talk of the town these days. If you visit offices of start-ups n Silicon Valley or even in well established companies the leaders are tearing down the walls of cubicles and putting up open desks. According to International Facility Management Association, nearly 70 percent of companies have open office environment.

The open offices take various shapes in different companies. Some have just long table and chairs along it so employees are sitting side by side. In other places they still keep the cubicle walls, but the height is reduced so that employees can see each other without having to get up. In some other offices you will also find open spaces where employees can gather to discuss.

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10 Essentials for the Perfect Home Office

Home Office
Working from home is a great benefit for those who have the ability to do it. You can avoid sitting in the traffic for hours, have a flexible schedule and focus on the work without getting disrupted by co-workers all the time. On the other hand you have to be careful to make sure you focus first on OFFICE and not HOME. To get the most out of working from home there are certain essentials you need to take care of. Below we have listed the Top 10 that will help you get the job done efficiently.

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Real Estate Investment: Does It Make Good Business Sense?

Real Estate
There was once a time where everyone was telling you the best thing to invest in is bricks and mortar. Of course, last decade’s economic downturn turned the property market upside down. These days, most nations are still in economic recovery mode.

So, if you wanted to make your money work for you, should you avoid real estate investment? In a word, no. Let me give you some reasons why it makes sense to put your money in property:

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How to Expand Your Business by Investing in Commercial Property

Commercial Property
Expanding your business through commercial property acquisition is typically one of the safest investments a business can make. Not only will it earn you positive returns every month, but, considering the current real estate climate, you can also expect the property to appreciate in value over time. Before jumping in with both feet, however, it is beneficial to know the fundamentals of commercial property investment. Here is what you need to know to get started.

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How to Impress Your Customers in a Virtual World

The growth of digital activities has changed the business world forever. SMEs now have far greater opportunities than ever before. However, running a company in a virtual environment does pose some dilemmas. Keeping the customer happy is one of the most difficult.

Without face-to-face interaction, building those strong relationships can feel daunting. But there are ways to navigate this minefield, and doing so will give your business a far greater chance of success.

A few simple tricks will work wonders for your reputation and general ability to recruit and maintain customers. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Why Virtual Offices Are On the Rise For 2016

Virtual Office
Physical space is always going to be a huge point of debate for a start-up, with every savvy business owner looking to cut corners and save a few pennies. What makes the concept of the virtual office interesting is that it creates a network of employees without the need to contain them all geographically. With the number of freelance workers growing, it’s safe to say that the Virtual Office – with only a company web address – is the way forward for businesses.

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