How to Build Solid Foundation for a Home by Starting Small

Over the last couple of decades, house prices and availability have started to make it hard for new buyers and investors to get a foothold in the field of property. With many people struggling to make the deposit they need, it’s easy to see why you need to look at another approach. Building your own home is often cheaper than buying the one that is already around. Of course, this project will be a massive one, and most people will want to wait until they have some experience before they get started.

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6 Tips for Moving Your IT Infrastructure When Relocating Office

It’s almost always a good thing when a business outgrows its premises and needs to relocate to a larger space. However, without careful forward planning it can easily become a major logistical headache.

After sourcing new premises, scheduling a professional removals company, notifying your staff and clients of your upcoming move, preparations should begin for moving your IT infrastructure at least 6 months in advance of moving.

Here are 6 things to think about before embarking on a relocation of your IT infrastructure.

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5 Common Mistakes Start-ups Make When Moving Office

As a start-up business, you will experience many exciting events during your growth, including the prospect of a move to bigger and better premises.

Moving offices can seem quite straightforward on paper, whereby you can just simply pack up and go. But if mistakes are made it can be a disruptive period and have a negative effect on the productivity of the business if any additional downtime that was not accounted for occurs.

Avoid these 5 common office move mistakes below to make the whole moving process run as smoothly as possible, saving you time and money.

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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Renting an Office Space for Your Business

Owning a business comes with a great deal of responsibility. One of the most important responsibilities a business owner has is to choose an office space that is conducive to the type of work that needs to take place within the building. In addition, the space must be in a location that is accessible to the business’ target market. There is a lot riding on finding the perfect office space for your business which is why we have put together these helpful tips. This article will highlight some of the things that any business owner should look for when renting an office space.

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How Digital Environment is Changing Building Design Process

“It’s a digital life – we need a digital built environment” says BIM specialist John Eynon. Everything around us is becoming digital, but what about our buildings – and the processes we use to build them? As technology becomes more advanced in everyday life, we have also seen advancements within the construction industry that could reshape the industry as we know it. The industry is known for incorporating digital technology into their processes, but what about architects? How are architects increasingly using technology to design innovative buildings of the future, so that the industry can keep up with the everchanging times?

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Rising Demand for Apartments in Philadelphia

As the economy of Philadelphia grows, so too does the demand for adequate apartment housing within city limits. Philadelphia apartments and their residents are major contributors to the local economy, providing more than $3.5 billion to it each day. Over 533,000 people live in approximately 298,000 apartment homes in Philadelphia. Over 130,000 jobs are supported by apartment buildings, contributing $14 billion to Philadelphia’s economy.

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5 Reasons to Expand Your Business to Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the most rapidly-growing cities in America. The Census reports that on average, more than 100 people move to Austin on a daily basis!  This number gives businesses all the more reason to relocate of expand to Austin—a growing population means a growing workforce, with lots of new and young talent to be explored. But let’s face it, not many people can hold a good secret, and word travels quickly when discussing the best places to have a business.

So why exactly should you expand  your business to Austin, TX? Austin is one of the hottest places to be right now and we’re not only talking about the weather. If you didn’t know, Austin has excellent job opportunities for the experienced population, young entrepreneurs, startup tech companies, and even musicians. If you’re thinking about growing your business and need reasons why you should expand your business to Austin, here are five terrific reasons.

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How Much Could You Save with a Cleaner Office?

Germs are constantly multiplying in the workplace. One eye-opening fact is that the average work desk can be up to 100 times less hygienic than your kitchen table, and 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! When you’re working in close proximity with other colleagues, it’s no wonder that germs and illnesses can spread so quickly, leading to several employees needing sick days away from the office.

Whilst you might consider the recruitment of a cleaner an unnecessary expense, DCS Multiserve, specialists in industrial cleaning, investigate why it could be one of your greatest investments. In a recent report, it was revealed that sickness absences cost employers on average around £29 billion per annum. Here, we discuss the cost of sick days versus the cost of keeping your workplace clean and germ free. Could a clean office save you money in sickness pay-outs?

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How to Increase Property Value with the Addition of a Deck

Every home owner wants to add extra value to their home. This comes in very handy when it comes time to put the property up for sale. There are many methods you can use to accomplish this important goal. For example, you may consider adding a few elements to your home to give it extra appeal. If you have been searching for a cost-effective way to add resale value to your home, an elevated deck may just do the trick. Giving potential home buyers a view of the surrounding area is always a sure-fire winner, especially if the location is prime.

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Duties and Responsibilities That Come with Being a Homeowner

An Owner Builder is a home owner that is interested in carrying out a construction project on their residential property. DIY-ing construction and renovation projects has recently gained a lot of popularity, and more people are moving towards not choosing a contractor.

Owner builders take all the responsibility and duties of a general contractor on themselves. While they might not be well-trained like a contractor, they can seek help from them on certain matters.

Apart from the general construction responsibility, it is your job as an owner builder, to take care of the following things:

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