How Much Could You Save with a Cleaner Office?

Germs are constantly multiplying in the workplace. One eye-opening fact is that the average work desk can be up to 100 times less hygienic than your kitchen table, and 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! When you’re working in close proximity with other colleagues, it’s no wonder that germs and illnesses can spread so quickly, leading to several employees needing sick days away from the office.

Whilst you might consider the recruitment of a cleaner an unnecessary expense, DCS Multiserve, specialists in industrial cleaning, investigate why it could be one of your greatest investments. In a recent report, it was revealed that sickness absences cost employers on average around £29 billion per annum. Here, we discuss the cost of sick days versus the cost of keeping your workplace clean and germ free. Could a clean office save you money in sickness pay-outs?

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How to Increase Property Value with the Addition of a Deck

Every home owner wants to add extra value to their home. This comes in very handy when it comes time to put the property up for sale. There are many methods you can use to accomplish this important goal. For example, you may consider adding a few elements to your home to give it extra appeal. If you have been searching for a cost-effective way to add resale value to your home, an elevated deck may just do the trick. Giving potential home buyers a view of the surrounding area is always a sure-fire winner, especially if the location is prime.

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Duties and Responsibilities That Come with Being a Homeowner

An Owner Builder is a home owner that is interested in carrying out a construction project on their residential property. DIY-ing construction and renovation projects has recently gained a lot of popularity, and more people are moving towards not choosing a contractor.

Owner builders take all the responsibility and duties of a general contractor on themselves. While they might not be well-trained like a contractor, they can seek help from them on certain matters.

Apart from the general construction responsibility, it is your job as an owner builder, to take care of the following things:

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Unconventional Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Property

Feeling a bit jaded with the traditional housing market? Maybe it’s not treated you very well in the past. Or perhaps you’ve had your home on sale at a good price (you think, anyway) for a while now and no-one’s stepping to the plate. Whatever the specific reason, this kind of situation can be dispiriting. But maybe you’re not thinking outside the box enough.

Outside the box? Unconventional? Unorthodox? Isn’t that just a recipe for disaster? I can sense you asking me these questions. Well, in the bitter battle that is the housing market, sometimes you need to take a step off the beaten track. Here are some of the selling and advertising methods you may not have considered.

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How to Support Growing Business with an Executive Level Office

It’s good news! Your business is growing. You’re finally starting to come out of the red and into the black. If you’re bootstrapping, that’s good news – you may finally be able to pay off that loan or credit card. If you’re relying on angel investors, they’ll be happy to see you grow too, because that means an ROI for them in the end. Either way it’s time to make some moves. You may want to hire that gun software engineer or copywriter, or invest in a new project management platform. Or, you may want to consider upgrading your space. Let’s check out what an executive level office can offer a growing business.

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8 Actions You Can Take to Make the Workplace Delightful

Your workplace is where you spend most of the time during the day. It is imperative that you love your workplace and feel at ease when working, otherwise you will feel like your day is dragging along at a slow pace. No wonder companies like Google and Facebook spend lot of effort and money in creating a fun workplace where employees love to go and spend time. You don’t have to spend large sums of money to achieve similar results. There are few small tweaks you can make to your workplace that will make it a delight to go to the workplace every day. Below we highlight those small actions you can take.

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3 Signs of a Positive Working Environment

Every business owner wants their employees to be productive and to contribute more to the company. After all, employees are the company’s biggest assets. The growth of the business depends highly on how well employees can work together as part of the day-to-day operations of the business. It also depends on other factors such as creativity, initiative, and good morale.

Unfortunately, many business owners still fail to realize the importance of working environment to employees’ performance. A positive working environment is a key component that will keep employees happy and productive, and the business growing steadily. To help you evaluate your own working environment, here are the three signs of a positive working environment.

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3 Energy Saving Tips for Small Business

Running a small business is rewarding and challenging at the same time.  One of the challenges that many small business owners face is energy costs.  In many parts of the country, energy rates go up every year.  With this increase, new problems are created for business owners.  However, luckily there are some things that small companies can do to reduce this cost.  Below are just a few tips that will help your business save money on your power bill this year.

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Vacation Home Investments and Where to Make Them

At some point in life, you may start to think about finding yourself the perfect vacation home. If you often rent a place in the same spot or are looking to decide on a location that you can frequent often, it could be the time for you to make a real estate investment. Not only could this be good for your finances, but your future too. Owning or renting a vacation home can often mean that you’ll use it more because it’s always available to you. So if you’re looking to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life just a flight away, here are some hot investment choices to consider.

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The Face of Modern Real Estate Investing is Changing

The opportunity to invest in interesting real estate assets is changing quickly. Back in the 1970s, one was stuck investing in limited partnerships with questionable investment returns that collapsed after the tax rules changed. The 80s and 90s saw the introduction and flourishing of new real estate investment trusts (REITs) that made real estate investing better organized, with improved clarity on the financing side, and clearer tax benefits on profits and income paid out.

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