How to Improve Office Productivity and Creativity with a Makeover

Office Design
Research shows that the decor, lighting and color in the office can have a huge impact on employee creativity and productivity. Bright colors can trigger brain activity and foster creativity for the employees. Providing natural sunlight or fluorescent light can provide upbeat mood not only to people working inside the building, but also to the customers making them spend more time, and money with your business. No wonder companies like Google and Facebook spend billions of dollars in decorating the office with the right colors and furniture. Below are variety of ways in which you can redecorate, and revitalize your office.

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How Can Small Business Owners Benefit From Renting a Virtual Office

Virtual Office
Virtual office space allows business owners to cut costs without sacrificing the image they have built for their business. When you rent a virtual space, you reduce production costs while maintaining a prestigious business address. When you do business out of a virtual office, you have access to everything a business owner needs; you never have to worry about things like conference rooms, technology and staff to answer your phones.

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Is Your Office Design Hurting or Helping Employee Productivity?

Office Design
Is there any connection between how your office is furnished and employee productivity? If you look at the amenities provided by Google, Facebook and other innovative companies you could argue that creating right atmosphere and furnishing the office properly can encourage creativity and make your employees more productive. Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the office is just as important is it is in the home. Your employees feel more relaxed and at easy in this environment and can do their best work.

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How to Create Optimal Floor Plan for Restaurants

How to create optimal floor plan for restaurants
If you had to choose between a restaurant with a nice, quiet ambience with privacy versus a restaurant where people are bumping into each other amid noisy atmosphere where would you take your date for dinner? This is the difference floor plan can make. A good floor plan can create a sense of privacy and quietness in the restaurant. It can also increase the productivity and sales at any restaurant. That’s why you have to pay careful attention to how various sections of the restaurant are laid out.

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What to Look for in Security Provider for Your Business

What to look for in security provider for your business
Online security has received lot of attention lately as a result of NSA scandal and high profile hacking attempts at several large corporations. With the rise of internet and proliferation of computers in our daily lives it is imperative that businesses pay close attention to online security and protect their computer networks like a hawk. At the same time, it is also important to ensure your offline or physical security is in place to protect physical infrastructure from intruders and scammers. Failing to do so can result in theft and sabotage producing large financial loss for your business.

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Safety First! How to Safeguard Your Building against Fire

Fire Safety
Fire safety is usually not on top of mind for many business owners. After all, they have business to run and fire safety does not help them improve their sales or customer service. Most business owners probably include fire safety equipments as part of building construction and pretty much forget about it as they go about running their daily business. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your business first, however it should not be done at the expense of safety of your employees and yourself. There is a good reason why fire safety is taught to us from a very young age.

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How to Organize Your Office Desk for Maximum Productivity

How to organize office desk for maximum productivity
Look around your desk and see how it is organized? How many items do you have lying around and taking up precious desk real estate? If you are like most people your office desk is cluttered with items that you rarely use. Over time the desk has become a garbage dump of papers, staplers, pens, scissor, paper clips and so on. This is pity because research shows that the cluttered desk can reduce the productivity of the person sitting on it. A desk that is neatly organized can help find items quickly and improve your output significantly. The P-L-A-C-E method we described below can help you achieve the goal of organizing your desk for maximum productivity.

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Tips on Starting a Food Kiosk Business

Tips on Starting up a Food Kiosk Business
If you walk into your local shopping centre, you will see exactly the same things as you would in any other shopping centre in the country – a number of large, brand name stores; some smaller, independently run shops; a sprawling food court stuffed to the brim with fast food restaurants.

Unfortunately, with the current state of the economy, many of the larger retailers have been finding themselves strapped for cash, with many of them (HMV, GameStation, Woolworths and the like) either going bust completely or going into administration.

There is, however, an upside to this troubling situation – small businesses are coming back into fashion, experiencing their own renaissance and flourishing. Food carts are doing well and food kiosks are really taking off. Take advantage of this boom as soon as you can; here’s how to do it.

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Is Your Office Design Helping or Hindering Employee Productivity?

Is you office building helping or hurting your employees
Your working environment can have a significant impact on your staff productivity. The office layout, wall colors, decoration and other surroundings can help or hinder the creativity and output produced. No wonder Google and many other companies spend so much attention and money on office buildings and furnitures.

What factors do you need to consider as you look to improve the working environment to boost productivity, creativity and employee retention for your company? Here are some ideas:

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What Should You Consider in Choosing Location for Small Business

What should you consider in choosing location for small business
When it comes to starting small business location is everything. Where you locate your business can eventually decide whether the business will survive in the long run or will encounter headwinds forcing you to shut it down or relocate it. This is especially true of retail businesses that largely rely on customer foot traffic. I have seen number of promising business that had to close down because they chose the wrong location.

Large retail businesses have dedicated real estate departments whose job it is to scout locations for expansion. Now, small businesses cannot afford to have a department to focus on real estate, but that doesn’t diminish the attention you have to give in choosing a location for your business.

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