4 Important Tips to Keep Your Company Data Safe

Companies all over the world are experiencing data loss from a variety of sources. These losses can be devastating for businesses, especially when the lost data is sensitive customer information, such as social security numbers or financial data. When these data breaches happen, it is often because a company is caught unprepared and didn’t have top quality data security measures in place. These measures can be easy to implement and will help you keep all types of company data out of the hands of malicious hackers. Here are some of the steps you can take right now to protect your company’s important data.

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How to Limit Data Security Breaches with Vendors

You may be doing everything you can to protect your customers’ data, but are your vendors just as diligent? If a security breach at one of your vendors includes theft or leakage of your data, you may be liable. How can you protect your data while it’s physically and metaphorically out of your hands? Here are some important steps to take.

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It Is Time to Invest in Protecting Your Business

Running a small business and taking it to new heights is very exciting, so it is often easy to forget about the little yet important basics. As you try to keep up with the fast-paced market, you start missing the little details about your business’ operations. Business security and proper protection are the two most common things business owners often neglect.

There is no better time to start investing in protection for your small business than today. Here are the three most important types of protection you need and how you can start putting them in place. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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How to Protect Your Small Business from Online Scams

If you live in Melbourne, Australia, you may have seen some of the crazy scams that have been happening to both people and businesses. One of the latest local scams is people printing their own bar codes to steal thousands of food from the grocery store, and costing these stores massive losses.

Then we move to problems to that of online companies like Google and Facebook being victimized. Recently, there has been a report that “Facebook and Google were conned out of a $100M in phishing scheme.” This is very alarming as if these big companies were also victimized, small businesses are most likely more vulnerable other types of scams.

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Why It is Important to Have Protection on Your Android Device

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Most people have taken necessary precautions and have downloaded antivirus protection for their computer or laptop at home. If you are aware of the problems that can occur when you do not protect your desktop or laptop, then you should listen up now. As much as well are all familiar with PC protection, etc., most people are not familiar of the dangers lurking around the corner of their very own mobile device! A necessary antivirus for Android devices can help you to reduce the risk of being hacked, losing your device totally, or your confidential information being stolen. Androids especially are vulnerable because of all the different software available. In the past, there have been many cases of hackers exploiting and finding vulnerabilities in Android software.

Having your identity stolen, your device taken, or your personal conversations intruded upon and put out there for the world to see can be devastating on both your personal and professional life. Look below to find out why it is important to have the right Android antivirus protection on your phone or tablet at all times.

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9 Essential Security Tips for Small Businesses

Security is a major challenge for many business owners, especially when starting a new business. Technological advancement has enabled criminals to breach top security measures and access confidential data in businesses. Some break into company premises to steal assets such as cash, electronics, and products. Criminals investigate the security measures in a building before launching any attacks. Rarely do they attack businesses at random. Hence, if the security measures in your business are poor, you may be the next target. Simple security measures can save your business from incurring huge losses. The following measures will help you improve security in your small business.

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5 Ways You Can Make Your Small Business More Secure

With so much to do and so little time, it can be hard to make security a priority for your Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). But, ignoring this can be a big mistake for any business. With the number of hacking incidents on the rise worldwide even a small mistake can lead to dire consequences and big monetary loss. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to secure your business in both physical and digital world. Below we outline 5 ways to do just that.

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4 Benefits Businesses Can Get from SD-WAN Adoption

Traditional wide area networks (WANs) have undergone many changes, but they are still lacking, in many ways, when it comes to user-friendliness and consistency. Among the most common challenges experienced by end-users are the lack of cloud-ready operability and the necessity of having separate WAN infrastructure for different types of transport. Plus, it’s difficult to access data on real-time performance and utilization because implementing even basic changes on WANs can take months. The growing cost of adding bandwidth for new applications also isn’t something to laugh at.

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)— an approach to making networks more agile and flexible through virtualization and software abstraction — is one way of resolving these challenges. The technology makes it much easier to design, build, and operate complex networks like WANs. In particular, SD-WAN abstracts the network into software, building a network overlay and decoupling or separating the WAN from the underlying hardware and transport network.

SD-WAN offers the following benefits:

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How to Secure and Protect Your Business from the Inside Threat

Burglar alarms and digital security are all well and good for protecting your business from outside strangers. But what about the people inside your business, the ones that already have access to the inner workings? Whilst it would be paranoid to distrust every client and employee you work with, having some security methods in place to protect the odd scam artist or mole is important.  Here are just a few measures worth considering in order to protect your business all the way to its core.

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Ransomware: More Frightening Than Actual Ransom?

Here’s the deal: if you or a loved one gets ransomed, provided you pay the fee, the person doesn’t get hurt or injured, and everything can proceed as it had before without any loss to life, liberty, etc. But if your computer comes down with ransomware, you may continuously end up paying the ransom and never get your files back.

Additionally, there are some ransomware programs that will delete all your information if you don’t pay the fee; and they’re designed by hackers with no oversight whatsoever. What this means is that there are no standards against which the hackers are held. So if the worm only works in a one-way encryption, that doesn’t matter to the hacker.

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