10 Most Unusual Ways to Promote Your Business

When companies form, they instantly think about how they can market their brand. You won’t be any different because you need to advertise to sell products and make money. That is how the industry works. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can deviate from the norm by choosing different marketing techniques. The ‘experts’ will try and tell you that there are only a few ways to ensure that you effectively market your brand, but they are wrong.

There are hundreds of ways to market your brand if you know where to look. In fact, there are several unusual ways to market your brand. And, these are the ones that you want to concentrate on if you want to make a splash. The great thing about the weird and wonderful world of marketing is that it is new and fresh. Unlike the tried and tested methods, consumers aren’t wise to them, which makes them more effective.

If you are a non-believer, here are ten methods you can try that will transform your marketing strategy.

  1. Door Hangers on Door Knobs
  2. One great way to hit your target audience is to target their specific location. That way, you know that you are talking to them directly and will listen. Marketing can be hit and miss for the reason that companies don’t tailor their campaign – they spray bullets and hope one of them hits. Door hangers are different in this sense. But, they are also different because they stand out from the crowd. The perceptive ones among you will realize that a flyer or a leaflet will have the same effect. But, everyone has seen a flyer before. In fact, most people are predisposed to throw them away before they read what is on the page. Door hangers are unique, which means the target will have the courtesy of reading it before they make a judgment.

  3. Flyers on Cars
  4. The only problem with a door hanger is that it only works on doors. If you want to get a message to a driver, for example, you can’t leave a door hanger. With this in mind, you need an alternative. There are a few, but the best is a flyer. From your point of view, the flyer is cheap to mass produce. Plus, it is easy to wedge under a driver’s windscreen wipers. From their point of view, they are more likely to look at it before they throw it in the trash. The sight of a piece of paper stuck on their car is enough to make people think they have a ticket. As a result, they will always double check because they don’t want a fine or points on their license.

  5. Trade Show
  6. To be fair, trade shows are becoming more popular. Still, they are not as popular as they should be given their effectiveness. If you are not aware, a good trade show performance will go a long way. For starters, the people at the shows are people that want to view your products. Before you even begin, you are surrounded by your target customers. Better than that, it is also a good place to show off your brand and get into their heads. The right booth or the right freebie could be the difference between them forgetting your business and sticking in their heads. Newbies need inspiration, which is why you can browse for ideas from Steelhead Productions. Novices should never go to a trade show without knowing the basics because it won’t help your business. Always do your research beforehand.

  7. Purchased Word of Mouth
  8. Word of mouth is where you create that much of a buzz that your customers tell their friends who then pass it on, and the cycle continues. Lots of businesses have climbed to the top thanks to word of mouth advertising. However, it isn’t an easy form of advertising because you need to amaze your customers. Instead of going through the trouble, you can pay people to talk about your company. Your best bet is to find people that are willing and ask them to promote your business to whomever they can. Thanks to social media, they can leave Facebook posts or tweet their followers. Or, they can talk to people on the street.

  9. Human Advertising
  10. Human advertising is a lot like purchasing word of mouth advertising. The biggest difference is that you don’t need anyone to talk with human advertising. All you need them to do is strap on a sign and walk up and down the street. Every time they walk past people, they are potentially converting a new customer. And, because it is weird, more people will notice and read the sign. The best thing about this form of advertising is that you can go from town to town and hit a new customer base every day. In fact, you can hit a new customer base just by advertising in the same area. After all, the same people don’t walk through town every day.

  11. Sponsor the Homeless
  12. It isn’t a nice thing, but there are lots of homeless people on the streets. However, you can make a difference in their lives by sponsoring them to promote your business. You can provide them with t-shirts and warm clothes and accessories, and they can wear them. When people walk past, they will see your logo and log it in their memory bank. Or, you can pay them to work for you just like a human advert. Of course, you have to be comfortable with the idea as some people might see it as exploitation. In reality, you are doing them a favor and they are doing you a favor. Everyone’s a winner.

  13. Virtual Showroom
  14. What is a virtual showroom? A virtual showroom, in essence, is your website. Every company has a website because they are vital to your marketing success. Yet, not many people use them like this because it isn’t the norm. Most businesses let their customers browse and leave them to their devices. With a little bit of encouragement, you will have more of an impact. When people contact you, direct them to your site and give them a tour. Most people can access the Internet while on the phone, which means you can answer their questions with live examples. A website is amazing, but it is more effective in the correct context.

  15. Overhead Projector
  16. Overhead projectors are brilliant for meetings, but you don’t want it for a meeting. You want an industrial sized one that you can project onto a building. Firstly, you need the projector and all the proper equipment. Let’s face it – if you are going to go big, you should do it properly. When you have all the gear, you need to talk to the building owner. There is no point in doing it unless you have the owner’s permission because they can pull it down if they wish. However, most owners won’t have a problem if you offer them the perfect incentive. Finally, you need to tailor your strategy. Instead of going for a full campaign, you can project your logo. It is simple and effective because it is rare. Better yet, it is cheap. A good tip is to do it at night because the illumination is more appealing than during the day.

  17. Self-Promotion
  18. Now, self-promotion sounds like something that businesses do all of the time. But, that isn’t the case because lots of businesses hate promoting themselves, why, you ask? There are two reasons. The first is that they think the product will do all the work. Their logic is that they don’t have to market a product if the product is that good. Secondly, they don’t want to come across as desperate as that is a turn-off for customers. The latter does have some truth, but the former is a myth. Either way, you need to self-promote because people won’t take any notice otherwise. The trick is to come across as confident and self-assured without seeming arrogant or pretentious.

  19. Publicity Stunt
  20. Are you above pulling a publicity stunt? If your answer is yes, you might want to rethink your answer. Although it is a little immoral, it is a great way to draw attention to your company. Even if you go over the top, the witnesses will remember the firm involved and not the actions. If the thought makes you wince, there are ways to do it without going overboard. Take a flash mob. Flash mobs are public dances. If you get enough people, they are something of a spectacle. As the sponsor, you can pay a troupe to perform one in a crowded place and piggyback off its popularity. Publicity stunts don’t have to be shameful or reprehensible as long as they catch people’s attention.

Sometimes, the tried and tested methods are the best. But, they aren’t always bulletproof. When you need an alternative, you should go for the weirdest and most wonderful techniques available.