How Can You Increase Number of Visitors to Your Website

A lot of businesses have a website in the modern world. After all, it’s one of the best ways to grow your company. After all, it provides a useful platform for clients to find out about your business. They can click on your site and learn more about the products or service you provide. And then hopefully, they will contact you about doing business. Or if you implement e-commerce on your site, they can then make a purchase through your website. And then you can ensure sales go through the roof if you have a website as well as a physical business. However, if you are new to websites, it can be a minefield when you are getting started. After all, you can struggle to grow the numbers of visitors on your site. And a lot of companies are making silly mistakes which can jeopardize the number of people their site is reaching. Therefore, we have come up with some easy ways you can ensure the numbers rocket when you next check the analytics. Here is how to grow your site visitors when you are receiving low figures.

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Advanced Time Tracking For Today’s Business Needs

There are quite a few stand-alone versions of time tracking software that work well for companies and organizations that prefer to work ala carte with employee check-in and check-out systems.

At the same time, if you are looking for a vendor or a software package that can do more, you will find that a few vendors stand head and shoulders above the rest of the market when it comes to creating sophisticated integration with the latest ERP and CRM software.

Of course, part of the reason that there is integration of time tracking for Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP packages is that although sophisticated packages are becoming inexpensive enough for even small companies to implement, most packages do not have full-fledged time tracking software feature sets.

Here are some features to look for in a time tracking software that can integrate with advanced systems:

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6 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a Website

Creating a website for your company can be a huge benefit for your business when it’s done right – bringing in a solid audience, followed by good sales and profits, in time, as a result. However, when it’s done wrong it can do quite the opposite.

With this in mind, digital marketing agency every1 explains some of the common pitfalls to avoid when creating a new website for your business.

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5 Essential Software You Need to Consider to Manage Your Business

To ensure success in your business, you need to move with the times. Old fashioned paper documents and outdated systems no longer cut the mustard- to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible you need the right software. Here are just a few different software systems you could use for your business.

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Infographic: Nurturing Data in the Digital Age

In the digital age, the use of big data is both essential and unavoidable. Businesses already know big data is valuable – with such a massive reservoir of information at our fingertips, how can businesses invest in a way that gets them the results they want?

Businesses produce zettabytes of information every day, yet only a fraction of usable data is analysed. This means that majority of this valuable data is just sitting there without any use resulting in a big wasted opportunity. How can you make the best use of this data and get the most out of it? IDBS Software has produced a compelling Infographic that shows how you can nurture this data to grow your business. Here is the Infographic.

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How to Limit Data Security Breaches with Vendors

You may be doing everything you can to protect your customers’ data, but are your vendors just as diligent? If a security breach at one of your vendors includes theft or leakage of your data, you may be liable. How can you protect your data while it’s physically and metaphorically out of your hands? Here are some important steps to take.

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It Is Time to Invest in Protecting Your Business

Running a small business and taking it to new heights is very exciting, so it is often easy to forget about the little yet important basics. As you try to keep up with the fast-paced market, you start missing the little details about your business’ operations. Business security and proper protection are the two most common things business owners often neglect.

There is no better time to start investing in protection for your small business than today. Here are the three most important types of protection you need and how you can start putting them in place. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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6 Golden Rules for the Success of BYOD Programs

Because of the convenience and the potential increase in productivity, bring your own device policies are ideal for staff and management alike. As an employer, you want to make things easy for the people who work for you, but you also want to get the best work out of them. Sometimes, giving them freedom is the key, but if you choose to let them bring their own mobile devices to work, you still need to institute a few BYOD commandments.

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4 Ways Video Conferencing Inspires Leadership and Collaboration

One of the biggest trends to sweep the business world today is the emergence of the global workplace. While this may mean that you’re dealing with employees across the world, or simply across town, the idea is that telecommunication technology now allows management from anywhere in the world, regardless of geography. Whether you’re a small eCommerce startup or a large company with multiple locations, using things like video communication can increase diversity and creativity in your company’s leadership roles, as well as positively impact the way your staff works. Here are three ways that video conferencing can improve leadership and collaboration within your business.

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A Quick Introduction to Software Licensing for Businesses

In the contemporary workplace, it is inevitable that you’ll have to use a range of software tools to optimize your business operations. And if you do, chances are you’ll have to deal with software licensing in one way or another. Software licensing is essential since it dictates the guidelines for usage and redistribution of a piece of software. Without understanding how licenses work, you could be charged for breaching copyright law.

It is also important for the developers since it ensures that their property intellectual rights are protected. In addition, licenses are put in place to ensure that you don’t use the software for malicious purposes such as hacking, for instance. In this article, we’re going to address some of the fundamentals of software licensing.

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