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How to Organize Your Office Desk for Maximum Productivity

How to organize office desk for maximum productivity
Look around your desk and see how it is organized? How many items do you have lying around and taking up precious desk real estate? If you are like most people your office desk is cluttered with items that you rarely use. Over time the desk has become a garbage dump of papers, staplers, pens, scissor, paper clips and so on. This is pity because research shows that the cluttered desk can reduce the productivity of the person sitting on it. A desk that is neatly organized can help find items quickly and improve your output significantly. The P-L-A-C-E method we described below can help you achieve the goal of organizing your desk for maximum productivity.

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Top 5 Telemarketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

Top Five Telemarketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid
Few professions are hated with as much passion as telemarketing. Even businesses hate receiving sales calls, and for good reason. The marketing or sales call is an interruption – usually with the intent of selling something that the business never asked for. Many businesses fail to understand this and continue to rely on old tactics of business telemarketing to increase their sales. So, how do you switch from becoming an unwanted pest to a welcomed guest? Stop making the same mistakes that everyone else is making.

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What is the Best Organization Structure for Small Business

The benefits of SOA organization
How your business is organized can have a major impact on the outcome of your business. Business organizations have morphed in many different ways from the early 1900’s when Henry Ford invented an assembly line. Even today, you are likely to find different organization structures in different parts of the world as well as industries. The way Google is organized and operates is quite different from how organization is structured at GE. A new organization structure concept based on the principle of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a different way of thinking than the traditional hierarchical organization.

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How to Use Business Credit Card Prudently for Emergency Cash Needs

How to Use Business Credit Card Prudently for Emergency Cash Needs
For small business owners cash flow is equivalent to a blood flow. If it stops or is even constricted it can wreak havoc on your body and your business. Still the reality is every business runs into cash flow problems once in a while. A large customer delays a payment for few days and you will be scrambling to meet the payroll that is coming up. You may need additional cash flow if you are looking to expand the business with new products or locations. No matter how you come across the need for additional cash you need to have a plan in place to meet emergency cash needs.

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Increase Website Traffic with These Proven Tips

Increase webstie traffic with these proven tips
Are you an online entrepreneur interested in increased website traffic? If you’re selling products and/or services online, your first goal has to be to increase the number of people that visit your website. However, getting more people to browse your website is easier said than done. With millions of web sites available to choose from, people today have limited time and patience to visit a site that does not provide true value. You have to rely on search engines and other avenues to refer traffic to your website. This requires knowledge of the latest search engine marketing techniques, which is why so many online companies end up outsourcing internet marketing to professionals knowledgeable about SEO.

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How to Start an Online Brokerage

How to start online brokerage
Seeing Gordon Gecko wheeling and dealing in Wall Street, the stock market might look a fun place to be. Thrilling it certainly is, but it’s not the place to be playing games. It’s a high-pressure environment in which financial fortunes can change in less than a minute.

Of course, this is finance and there’s money to be made. If you know your PERs from put options and your common stocks from closed-end funds, you may fancy setting up your own online brokerage and helping others less in the know (for a fee, naturally).

Here’s how you go about becoming an online broker.

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The long-term benefits of promotional items

The long-term benefits of promotional items
Small business owners are concerned with many different metrics when it comes to their marketing campaigns. After all, numbers never lie and they can help company leaders determine how successful their branding initiatives are. Return on investment is arguably the most important figure to most entrepreneurs, but there’s another one that they should consider – longevity.

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How to Make Boring Products Exciting and Improve Sales

How to make boring products exciting
There’s nothing exciting about a razor blade, right? How about online budgeting software? Total snoozer. Contact lenses? No way. These are some of the most boring products you will find in the market. Yet, each of these products has been successfully marketed online. Dollar Shave Club has made shaving and razors exciting and cool. Mvelopes has transformed the way people think about something as boring as budgeting. The LensStore is creating a buzz about eye glasses. What did these companies do to generate excitement and how can you do something similar with your mundane commodity?

They took the product beyond itself and utilized online, offline and social channels by promoting stories around the product. This is what differentiates great marketers from mediocre ones. With the advent of internet and social media it has become easier than ever to share your stories to large number of audience. Below we provide tips on how to do it.

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Information Security Breaches: Top Tips for a Swift Recovery

Information Security Breaches
Big or small, all businesses are at risk from a very wide range of information security threats. Given the recent trend of businesses being mostly reliant on the internet for communication as well as business operations, all companies are now vulnerable to hackers, viruses and a whole host of other dangers.

It’s nearly inevitable that your company will suffer from a security breach at some point, unless your security system is rigid and constantly updated and reviewed. Up to 93 percent of large businesses in the UK had at least one security breach last year, with 87 percent of small businesses suffering from one – a 76 percent increase from a year ago!

If your company sustains an attack, it is vital that you respond swiftly and confidently, in order to prevent further damage.

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3 Ways to Be a Better Coach to Your Employees

3 Ways to Be a Better Coach
A great leader or business owner not only knows how to run his company, but he is also a great motivator and coach to his employees. Think about it – your business is only as good as the contribution made by your employees and you are only as good as the value you can get from your employees. That is why coaching and motivating your employees to bring out the maximum potential from them is one of the most important jobs of any leader.

The problem is not every leader is a born coach. There are those who are natural at bringing out the best from others and there are others who make employees run away from them. With little help and determination it is possible for a leader to improve his coaching skills. All you need is to put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Below are 3 important steps you need to take to be a better coach.

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