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Is Your Business Missing Out On these New Technologies?

If your Business is running on computers from 1990s, on Windows XP, and browsing with something that has the word “Explorer” in the name, you are definitely missing out on the benefits of modern technologies. In fact, you should hand your IT critter his final paycheck, and go boldly into the 21st century.

Technology is no longer some mysterious black box that no one understands. It is an integral part of our daily lives. Eschewing technological advancement is like rejecting indoor plumbing. If your business is not taking full advantage of today’s tech, you don’t look like the sage, cautious master of industry you envision. You just look like an idiot.

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10 Email Subject Lines that Grab Customers’ Attention

Email marketing is a powerful tactic for many small business owners to promote their products and improve sales. Emails can be created and distributed without incurring much cost. It can even be customized for a group of customers to ensure you target the right group. The problem is customers are bombarded with emails like never before. They have limited time and attention span to open, let alone read the email. So how do you grab their attention and make them open the email? The key is what you put in the subject line. Boring subject lines that put readers to sleep will never make it to the content. Use the 10 tips below to create attention grabbing subject lines that will compel the reader to open the email.

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Three Strategies Successful Entrepreneurs Use for Business Success

Entreprener Success
These days many people from all walks of life are getting interested in leaving their jobs and pursuing their business dreams. If you have the will and desire to start your own business you should know that beginning to think and act like an entrepreneur is the first step to bring your vision to fruition. With that thought in mind, remember that there are a plethora of success habits that entrepreneurs need to cultivate in order to ensure that they are successful at becoming an entrepreneur and a businessman. Here are three characteristics of a successful entrepreneur:

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Ready to Go to School? Pros and Cons of Online Education

Online Education
The number of people that currently consider enrolling in an online school is growing. The past recession when many people could not find a job for a long time they started thinking about enhancing their skills to get ready for the jobs that were available. That trend has continued and more and more people are looking into going to school at least on part-time. There are two primary options available when it comes to part-time education. You can go to school with physical building or you can enroll in online classes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and goals. Below we explain the differences between the two from the viewpoint of veterinary tech schools.

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How to Boost Your Business with Upgraded Seating for Customers

Theater Seating
As young kids many of us had the opportunity to go to a theater to watch a film or play. In most cases folding wooden chairs would have greeted us, fixed to the floor in banks. As children it was always fun to flip the folding part of the seat up and down, paying little heed to the comfort the actual chair provided. However, as adults we are now appalled when we walk into a venue to discover the old and antiquated seating still in place. Check out how theaters across the country are opting to upgrade their seating and provide an improved experience to movie-goers.

The advances in seating go far beyond comfort of theater seats and are taking place in many others businesses that require seating to run their business. Many theaters are upgrading seats to provide comfort to their customers and improve their business.

There are simple reasons and great benefits to businesses investing in new seating as described below:

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Starting a Business? What You Need to Know First

Who hasn’t dreamt of being his own boss and launching a business that will one day become the next Amazon or Google? The idea of having the freedom to pursue your dream is exciting for anyone who has gone through the drudgery of corporate world. While this is indeed exciting and noteworthy you also need to know that starting your own business is not something that everyone can do. It takes lot of effort and commitment to build a business that will one day rival Amazon of today. For every Amazon there are hundreds of others who did not make it. Don’t lose heart, though. With good understanding of what it takes to start a business and little perseverance you too can build a respectable sized business even if it is not the next Amazon. Here is a 5 step process you need to go through before taking the plunge.

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3 Proven Strategies to Give Your Small Business Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge
The last century has seen unprecedented rise in competition for businesses. With the rise of internet it has become easier than ever for businesses of all types to have a global reach. If you are going to have staying power in the business world you need to take advantage of the latest innovations, such as tapping into SIP trunking providers, developing an online presence, and using social media. To be successful you need to take a look around and learn from the success stories of your competitors. Find out what formulas are working and perfect them in your business model. The 3 time proven systems that are required to position your business against global competition will help you move in the right direction and ensure longevity of your business.

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Benefits of Cloud Based Supply Chain Management System for Small Business

Supply Chain Management
The supply chain refers to the numerous systems involved in moving a product from the supplier to the customer. Supply chain management (SCM) includes all the activities, individuals, and organisations involved in turning natural resources and raw materials into finished products. Any business involved in any way with the manufacturing process needs to keep SCM at the forefront of its priorities.

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Infographic: Upcoming Trends in Unified Communications

Unified Communication
Over the past few years, unified communications has gone from an overused buzzword to a staple in businesses across the country. With experts predicting that IT will change more in the next 18 months than in the last decade, it is becoming even more essential to understand what UC is and where it is heading next.
As businesses begin to expand both geographically and technologically, the need for efficient and effective collaboration is on the rise. Because IT experts are predicting that mobile capabilities will become a top priority for many companies in the next ten months, mobility and accessibility for employees is now a top priority for business leaders. In addition, recent reports suggest that not only did cloud-based unified communications experience double-digit growth in 2014, but it also is expected to continue growing throughout 2015. Alongside this existing technology, visual communication is also expected to make its way into business operations this year. For more information on the upcoming trends in unified communications, check out the infographic below:

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How to Use LinkedIn for Job Hunting and Hiring

LinkedIn was launched to help professionals showcase their skills and experience to others. Since then it has evolved into comprehensive platform to help job hunters and hiring managers alike with the job hunting. With the new features being added on an ongoing basis you can not only showcase your skills, but also get endorsements, write professional articles and research companies. Similarly, hiring managers can post their jobs, screen potential employees and find the perfect employee for the job. This balance between job hunters and hiring manages has helped LinkedIn grow to become the go to place for professionals. Below we describe what LinkedIn has to offer to both communities.

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